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SQL Intellisense enabled editor for all DBMS.

Universal SQL Editor

Intellisense enabled SQL editor for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, etc., with SQL formatter/beauifier, query result supports grouping, filtering, searching, and can also be exported to Excel spreadsheet or as a set of SQL statements.

free download trial (2.47 Mb)

Free SQL Editor for Oracle

SQL Editor for Oracle 3.3

Free SQL Editor for Oracle. Features - colored syntax, multi-threaded configuration, explain plan, reading DBMS_OUTPUT stream, error positioning, execution SQL and PL/SQL blocks, execution single and multiple SQL statement (scripts). Oracle 8i - 11g.

free download (810 Kb)

The program allows you to create SQL queries.

SQL Editor 26.0

The program allows you to create SQL queries. Automatically fill in a SQL queries. Converting syntax of SQL queries (Server - MDB)

free download trial (15.02 Mb)

SQLite3 database manager + architect.

Black Cat - SQLite3 database manager 8.17

Development tool for managing all SQLite3 database objects (tables, views, indexes, triggers). Wizards for creating new database objects, Syntax highlight in the SQL editor. Autocompletation code in the SQL editor, BLOB support

free download trial (4.68 Mb)

Create and manage your website.

AFN WEB Editor 1.4

AFN WEB Editor is an extensible HTML editor with HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL and Python syntax highlighting.

free download trial (996 Kb)

The awesome SQL database table editor.

ExTables 2.1.0

The awesome SQL database table editor and management script by PHP.

free download trial (2.33 Mb)

Cache Monitor SQL for Intersystems Cache

Caché Monitor 0.58

Cache Monitor is the SQL development tool for InterSystems database Cache.It supports developers with features, like: advanced SQL Query Editor with FK-JOIN hints,SQL Syntax highlighting,SQL Code completion, Graphical SQL execution plan and many more

free download (7.11 Mb)

Tool for creating queries to SQL Server

DbForge Query Builder for SQL Server 3.00

Solution for quick creation of queries to SQL Server databases and extended data management. The main component of Query Builder is a visual diagram where you can "draw" your query.

free download trial (11.72 Mb)

A Windows GUI for SQL Server administration.

MS SQL Maestro 12.9

MS SQL Maestro is a powerful Windows database management solution for SQL Server administration and development. MS SQL Maestro provides you with graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to perform database operations easy and fast.

free download trial (14.76 Mb)

Edit SQL, query, navigate, manage databases.

SQLPro 1.4.4

SQLPro is a visual database management and development tool for multiple databases. It has integrated SQL editor with many useful SQL editing features. Supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and SQLite.

free download trial (1.25 Mb)

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