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ASP/UnixCrypt ASP component

ASP/UnixCrypt 1.0

ASP/UnixCrypt is a server side COM component that allows web developers to encrypt the password. It works exactly as crypt(key, salt) Unix command (one-way encryption algorithm). It is based on the Data Encryption Standard algorythm.

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Generator of Unique Passwords


Powerfull, cheap and easy .NET component, that allow to generate any number of unique passwords.

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The gallery has component inspector and it do

Advance XML Gallery 1

The gallery has component inspector and it doesn't need any Flash knowledge for configuration. Just open the .fla file with a Flash Editor and go to the component inspector for the variables that can be change. The component is very flexible and we a

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Performs domain registration lookups

NetXtremeDomainWhoIs Component 1.3

NetXtremeDomainWhoIs .NET component allows you to perform domain registration lookups easily with a few lines of code. It is a FREE component.

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The Advance Flow Image components is a high q

Advance Flow Image 1

The Advance Flow Image components is a high quality component with a very useful Component Inspector that allows you to configure it without entering the code. To use the component, simply drag the Flow Image component from the library into the stage

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Password Change Web Part for SharePoint

Password Change Web Part 1.1

Password Change Web Part allows users to change their own passwords from within the SharePoint environment using standard text box interface (current password, new password and confirm new password).

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ASP thumbnail component

ASPThumb 1.30

ASPThumb is an ASP component (ActiveX) that allows ASP application to create high-quality thumbnails. You can use this component for automated creation of image previews in your ASP applications.

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This is a reuslable component. Just drag&drop

Nice Date Picker Component 1.0

This is a reuslable component . Just drag and drop to use. To get the value from this component just use the code " componentname.txt_date.text". Created using Actionscript 2.0. The AS 3.0 version also available

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Component for file compression/decompression.

EACompression .NET Zip Component 2.0

High performance zip component for your ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, Managed C++, J# and JScript.NET applications to compress and decompress file. Easy-to-use and featured examples are included in the installation file.

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This Component makes accepting PayPal payment

PayPal Button 1.0

This Component makes accepting PayPal payments on your website as easy as simple dragging the component onto the stage and setting your business email account. This component allows you to: -sell multiple items with a single buy now button (useful if

free download trial (488 Kb)

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