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No actionscript used, just basic motion tween

Effects 10 Pack 1

No actionscript used, just basic motion tween. Simply copy and paste any effect you like. Vector based, all the file is only 12kb!

free download trial (100 Kb)

Toggle Menu

Toggle Menu 1.0

Toggle Menu is an ActionScript collapsible menu on user response with nice rollover and sound effect.

free download trial (488 Kb)

This is a reuslable component. Just drag&drop

Nice Date Picker Component 1.0

This is a reuslable component . Just drag and drop to use. To get the value from this component just use the code " componentname.txt_date.text". Created using Actionscript 2.0. The AS 3.0 version also available

free download trial (488 Kb)

Mouse Trail Sparkle Dustfor Actionscript 3.0

Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust 1.0

Mouse Trail Sparkle Dust is a nice effect consisting of an animation following the mouse around. It's easy to take the provided source code and put it into your own projects. Created with Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3.0.

free download trial (488 Kb)

Falling Stars Effect for Actionscript 3.0

Falling Stars Effect 1.0

Stars Falling from the sky and leaving star dust as they fall. Created with ationscript 3.0

free download trial (488 Kb)

Actionscript particles dance in a field simul

Field Particles 1.0

Actionscript particles dance in a field simulating realistic dust. An invisible bounding box layer is added so that the area the dust particles display in can be easily adjusted. While the included background image is cartoonish in nature, this scrip

free download trial (488 Kb)

Actionscript 3 component. A very simple drag

Rain Drop - Water Effect 1.0

Actionscript 3 component. A very simple drag and drop component. Simply adjust 4 parameters and you are all set: - it can simulate the rain and you can set the intensity; - you can enable a mouse over effect and the intensity. Very easy to install

free download trial (488 Kb)

Spiral rotating preloader animation with acti

Spiral Preloader 1

Spiral rotating preloader animation with actionscript.

free download trial (100 Kb)

Access SWF scripts with ActionScript Viewer

ActionScript Viewer 5.3

Decompile SWF file and look into its scripts with ActionScript Viewer. You can convert SWF to FLA or Flex project files and even edit its elements without previous conversion. SWF elements can be extracted to various formats and saved separately.

free download trial (12.26 Mb)

Mac Blue Preloader

Mac Blue Preloader 1.0

Mac Blue Preloader is created for Actionscript 2.0, it is a nice preloader, easy to use with instructions included.

free download trial (488 Kb)

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