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ArtfulBits Bulk Check In

Bulk Check In 1.0

ArtfulBits Bulk Check In is created to make check in task much easier. It allows checking an entire group of documents and changing their properties in one operation.

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Email As Attachment

Email As Attachment 1.12

ArtfulBits Email as Attachment allows sending one or more documents as attachments directly from SharePoint library. To make sending multiple documents more convenient, they can be compressed into a single archive file before sending.

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ArtfulBits Password Reset Part for SharePoint

Password Reset Web Part 1.1

With importance of login security growing and password requirements increasing, it is becoming easier for users to forget their new passwords. With the ArtfulBits Password Reset Web Part, users now have the ability to submit their own password reset.

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Password Expiration Web Part for SharePoint

Password Expiration Web Part 1.1

Password Expiration Web Part enables Active Directory users to be notified via Web Part interface that their passwords are about to expire. It also automatically sends out email notifications to users before the password expiration date.

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Email Web Part for SharePoint

Email Web Part 1.11

ArtfulBits Email Web Part allows sending e-mail messages directly from Microsoft SharePoint site. You can notify task assigned users, send gratitude or just send regular e-mail message, etc.

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Parent Selector Column for SharePoint

Parent Selector Column 1.6

Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data. Main difference with standard SharePoint Lookup is absence of own item (standard SharePoint Lookup contains own item).

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Progress Column for SharePoint

Progress Column 1.4

Progress Column provides users with the ability to make SharePoint lists more visualized by displaying numerical data on the page using percentage-based professional progress bar.

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DateTime Column for SharePoint

DateTime Column 1.3

ArtfulBits DateTime Column is similar to standard SharePoint DateTime column. Essential feature of our component is cross-browser support (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome compatible).

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Column Permissions for SharePoint

Column Permissions 2.0

ArtfulBits Column Permissions for SharePoint is powerful tool to manage column-level permissions that are effective in any column view, included New/Edit/Display item forms, list views, MS Access, Excel, Datasheet, Alerts and RSS.

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Password Change Web Part for SharePoint

Password Change Web Part 1.1

Password Change Web Part allows users to change their own passwords from within the SharePoint environment using standard text box interface (current password, new password and confirm new password).

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