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Using Google Earth to Find Real Estate

Using Google Earth to Find Real Estate 1

Google Earth is one of those cool little tools that, for many, has no use except for visiting places they used to live or have visited before. However this free tool can be immensely helpful when looking for your next home. Google Earth.

free download (551 Kb)

tracking shot, travel video, Google Earth

AquaSoft Earth Pilot 7.1.01

Google Earth flight simulation, makes map videos of flights to your destinations. Experience your journey twice. Insert start and destination, open Google Earth flight simulator and create video. Just take off - Earth Pilot takes care of the rest.

free download trial (7.25 Mb)

Tweaker for Geocaching with Google Earth

GoogleEarthTweaker 1.08

If you use Google Earth to prepare for your Geocaching trips, then you'll know that it's often difficult to find the right caches and to see which ones you already visited. This program makes it easier by preparing your GPX files for Google Earth.

free download (300 Kb)

google earth images downloader.

Google earth images downloader 5.209

google earth images downloader is a tool that help you to get offline satellite and historical images from google earth.

free download trial (10.15 Mb)

Color imagery from Google Earth into AutoCAD

Plex.Earth Tools for AutoCAD 1.1.317

AutoCAD plug-in for advanced geographic interaction with Google Earth. Cover large areas with color imagery. Geo-locate site plans. Unique productivity tool with ???must-have??? features necessary for all engineers and architects.

free download trial (1.6 Mb)

Shows hidden location from the Google Earth.

Google Earth Hidden Location 1.0

A freeware screensaver that shows hidden location from the Google Earth. With a large resolution picture will make it very interesting.

free download (1.18 Mb)

Funny screensaver on google earth.

Google Earth Funny Screensaver 1.0

Free funny screensaver on google earth, including videos and sound.

free download (6.74 Mb)

Earth Wallpaper ScreenSaver

Earth Wallpaper Background Screen Saver 4.2.2

Earth Wallpaper Background and Screen Saver --- Beautiful Earth is an Earth wallpaper background generator and screen saver. --- Beautiful Earth shows you how the Earth looks like from the space right now, on your desktop wallpaper.

free download trial (1.98 Mb)

Generate 3D Google Earth (KML) graphs & maps.

Graph Earth 0.9.5

Visualize your data in 3D! Quick, easy and inexpensive. Graph Earth enables business professionals to create stunning visual representations of their data, all without the time and costs associated with a full-feature GIS.

free download trial (469 Kb)

Stitch maps together to build one overall map

StitchMaps 2

Stitch maps together to build one overall map. Join and calibrate your Google Earth images to one shared map. The program StitchMaps simply joins these maps. The result is a map that is suitable for programs using raster scan.

free download trial (554 Kb)

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