GHC school timetable generator

GHC Timetables EN 19.2.69

Penalara GHC is an automatic software to generate timetables for schools of different levels: primary schools, high schools, vocational schools, universities and all other academic institutions.

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Easily carry out extensive calculations

DPLS Scientific Calculator 3.2.1

This easy to use calculator is a must for science students. It includes triangle calculators, vector calculators, shape calculators, statistical calculators, measurement converters, 3000 compounds, 2000 formulas, 100 constants and 400 symbols.

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ThesesAssistDrawer is used for thesis writing

ThesesAssistDrawer 4.8.5

ThesesAssistDrawer is a small, yet powerful MS Word addin to assist the editing of theses, reports, or books. This program is compatible with 2007 or newer version of Microsoft Word.

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21st century worldwide growth of Forest

21st century worldwide growth of Forest 3.20

Have you ever heard about the Greenhouse effect? - This simulation is looking post the climate discussion. How much fossile energy ressources are left? - What will happen with more CO2? - will we have more Rain? - Forest? - get your own picture.

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Lateral earth pressure calculation

Earth Pressure Analysis Software LateralK 3.0

LateralK is a simple software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients and forces behind retaining walls in static and earthquake condition based on Rankine/ Coulumb formulae and also Mononobe/ Okabe methods.

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Soil liquefaction analysis program

Liquefaction Analysis Program (NovoLiq) 3.0

NovoLiq supports the following field tests for liquefaction assessment:
-Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
-Becker Density Test (BDT)
-Shear Wave Velocity (Vs)
Post-liquefaction lateral displacement and settlements, residual strength Sr

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Your gate into the world of fractal geometry.

Jalada Fractal 2.2

Get in touch with the fantastic and mysterious world of fractals and find your way through the beautiful complexity of fractal images. Using your Computer and jalada Fractal, you'll be able to see for yourself what a fractal is and how it is created.

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The exam engine allows a candidate to test..

Computer Based Test - Exam Engine 1.0.0

The Exam Engine works in conjunction with author module. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s).

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Instructor can customize the exam

Computer Based Test-Author Module

The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s).

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A+PRACTICAL  Application Exam Simulator

A+ Practical application(220-902)Practic

The features of A+ PRACTICAL Exam Simulator include - Integrated Test Engine, 325+ questions, Support for different question types, Flash card information and Detailed help file.

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