MuscleLite a simple bodybuilding diet planner

MuscleLite 1.2

MuscleLite is an easy-to-use bodybuilding meal planner. Calculate your daily requirements based on Harris-Benedicts formula. Create simple diet plans for muscle building and fat loss.

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Bulkx Hard Gainers System

Bulkx Hard Gainers System 2.1

Bulkx - Hard Gainers System is a specialized bodybuilding software. Are you looking for a way to gain muscle and mass as fast as possible? Then Bulkx HGS might be the system you are looking for. The bodybuilding system is a complete program.

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Bodybuilder's Advanced Tool Box

Bodybuilder Advanced Tool Box 1.5

Bodybuilder ATB is a program created for you the serious bodybuilder, who already has a good understanding of exercise, nutrition and supplementation. But the program can of course be used by anyone from beginner to advanced.

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Employee Monitoring Software for Company.

OsMonitor Monitoring Software 10.0.31

OsMonitor monitoring software was designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server.

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Statistical analysis of sports betting odds.

MatchStatistics 5.0.3

A program for statistical analysis of sports betting odds. User may create and test different sports betting systems and see effect on a chart. A huge database of historical odds and results of over 130.000 sport events is included with program.

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Animated Soccer Rules

Animated Soccer Rules 1.0

Animated Soccer Rules is an interactive tool for learning the basic laws of the world??™s greatest game.

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Software for breaking simple codes

CodeBreaker 1.00

CodeBreaker analyzes the letter frequencies, offers editable reference tables in 2 languages and makes it easier to decode texts that have been encrypted with a substitution cipher.

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Easily manage stats for your baseball team!

Baseball Stat Manager 4.1.6

Stat Manager is a baseball statistics program that allows you to manage statistics for your baseball and softball team. Track your players over multiple seasons in many hitting, pitching and fielding stats.

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Very accurate IQ test

IQ Test (NASA) 1.0

This is not an "entertaining" IQ test, it will never tell you that you're a genius if you actually aren't one. But don't be discouraged, it is OK to be normal. You will have 40 minutes to answer 20 untrivial questions.

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Very good psychological test.

Personality tests package 1.0

Very good psychological test. Describes your personality type. This test was written by the best psycologists and is based on colors you choose. Helps you determine your psychological problems and solve them quickly. Results of the quiz are printable

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