SSMS add-in for source-controlling databases

DbForge Source Control for SQL Server 1.3

dbForge Source Control for SQL Server is a SSMS add-in for managing SQL Server database changes in source control. The tool can link your databases to all popular source control systems, and delivers smooth and clear workflow in a familiar interface

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SSMS add-in for data export and import

DbForge Data Pump for SQL Server 1.3

SSMS add-in for filling SQL databases with external source data and migrating data between systems. The tool supports 10+ widely used data formats and includes a number of advanced options and templates for recurring scenarios

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Fuse compiles your Node.js or JavaScript code

Fuse 0.9.0

Fuse compiles your Node.js or JavaScript code into a single executable binary for increased security and easier distribution

free download (10.6 Mb)

Text to software, SageTea

Text to Software 2.0.64

Text to Software makes applications automatically from subject matter expert knowledge, data from websites, human sources, documents and databases.

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XMLFox integrates seamlessly in Visual Studio

XMLFox Visual Studio XML Editor 7.5.0

XML editing and validation tool XMLFox Visual Studio XML Editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema

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Make your NET executables to run only for you

Cyber Cobra 1.0

Make your NET executables to run only for you

free download (2 Mb)

Obfuscate NET Assembly

KONIO Obfuscator 2.3

Obfuscate C# console applications source code and existing NET applications (exe).

free download (977 Kb)

C# Integrated Development Environment

Apropos IDE 1.0

Apropos IDE is a C# Integrated Development Environment to create console applications.

free download (951 Kb)

Visral Operating Environment for Python

Python Operating Environment 1.2.1

Visral OE (Operating Environment) lets users efficiently access all the power of Python by means of sentient editors, separate input output portals, selective execution, and much more; simplifying and improving the Python experience.

free download (2.47 Mb)

Rapid development for Android, iOS, Win, Java

UBIQ Mobile 1.0

Develop and deploy mobile apps for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Java ME mobile devices in no time! Ubiq Mobile is a rapid mobile development environment with cloud-based architecture and ultra-thin pre-compiled client apps.

free download (7.3 Mb)

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