Format spreadsheets inside your project.

CSVWriter Alternative 2022.12.11262

Stop wasting time with buggy open-source solutions or expensive upfront solutions to spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Excel Interop. With the new CSVWriter alternative from IronSoftware, you'll benefit your project build incredibly.

free download trial (19.87 Mb)

Bring spreadsheet features to your project.

CsvHelper Alternative 2022.12.11262

The next time you want to add spreadsheet features to your project but don't want to deal with the upfront costs of Microsoft Excel or buggy open-source solutions that will cost you time, stick with the new CsvHelper from the team at IronSoftware.

free download trial (19.87 Mb)

Add barcode capabilities to your new app.

Asprise OCR Alternative 2023.1.11644

IronSoftware has created a powerful new Asprise OCR alternative fully supporting .NET 5/6, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure. It is built with automatic image correction to ensure every scanned file is easy to read and document.

free download trial (154 Mb)

Visual Business Process Automation engine

Intelligence System IS1000

Visual Business Process Automation (BPA) engine with multiple language support (C#, VB.Net, PowerShell, and Batch) and artificial intelligence features such as neural networks and expert systems. Includes built in threading, recursion, and more.

free download trial (12.88 Mb)

Worksheet with CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp

CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp 2022.12.10926

Create Customized Excel Worksheets with CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp from IronSofware. This powerful application tool enables your team to develop Excel creation and manipulation in C#, and .NET project builds.

free download trial (9.51 Mb)

Windows and multi-platform dev software.

Delphi 11.2.10937

Delphi is the world's most advanced IDE for rapidly developing single-source multi-platform high-performance native applications using powerful visual design tools and features developers love. Free trial signup: http://embt.co/DelphiFreeTrial

free download trial (154.62 Mb)

Bring spreadsheets back into your project.

C# Excel Worksheet Example 2022.12.10926

C# Excel Worksheet Example removes the need for expensive Microsoft Excel or Excel Interop additions to your project. Instead, you get a comprehensive, free-to-use solution while in the development of your next build.

free download trial (20.61 Mb)

Get cell benefits with C# Excel Interop.

CSharp Excel Interop 2022.12.10926

Put an end to time-consuming open-sourced Excel solutions or expensive upfront costs from Microsoft and use the powerful new solution from IronSoftware called C# Excel Interop. This is a free-to-use while-in-development tool.

free download trial (20.61 Mb)

Bring spreadsheet features to your project.

Microsoft Office Interop Excel C# 2022.12.10926

Microsoft Office Interop Excel C# brings the capabilities of spreadsheet management, editing, creation, and manipulation into your next project build. This is a worry-free solution from the expert team at IronSoftware.

free download trial (20.61 Mb)

Data Acquisition & Control plus HMI / SCADA.

ModCom 15.10

Free Windows software for Data Acquisition & Control, HMI / SCADA, Industrial Automation, Process Control, and Data Logging. Read data from sensors, turn on/off electrical equipment, output control voltages, count or time events, move stepper motors.

free download (14.28 Mb)

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