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Create web applications in BASIC easily

Run BASIC Free Edition 1.01

Run BASIC is a powerful all-in-one web programming system designed to make personal web programming easy. Capabilities include graphics, XML, SQLite database, Cascading Style Sheets, and more. Help file, tutorial and example programs included.

free download (10.81 Mb)

web/standalone develop by visual programming

Limnor Studio

A generic-purpose visual codeless programming system with built in support for web development and web application, databases, 2D drawings, web services, kiosk, ActiveX, etc. It is the first fully automated cloud computing system in the world.

free download (7.42 Mb)

Publisher web site quick and easy

XWebDesignor 1.7.4

XWebDesignor is a software publishing Websites (Personally, EBusiness, Blog Professional) easy to use, no HTML, no programming. Professional site in less than one hour

free download (22.87 Mb)

Design any website, with no programming.

Sitoo Web 2010

So... who wants a website? With the award-winning software Sitoo Web, you can create and design any website possible. No programming required. It's your design. Don't get stuck in a template based solution. Make the design reflect your business.

free download trial (13.5 Mb)

Free Scriptol PHP compiler for the web

Scriptol PHP Compiler 7.0

Scriptol is a modern object oriented programming language with innovative features as XML declaration in source code . It may be interpreted or compiled or embedded into web pages.

free download (820 Kb)

MinaliC is a small web server

Minalic Web Server 1.0

MinaliC is a small web server that is developed in the C programming language. Currently it has been developed for the Windows platform. It is intended to be a minimal server to be used for small web applications.

free download (344 Kb)

ARI is a free .NET Ajax programming library.

ARI Asynchronous Remote Interface 1.0

ARI is a free .NET Ajax programming library that removes all the complexity associated with developing Ajax enabled web sites. ARI allows you to execute methods in the App_Code directory of your ASP.NET web site using an extremely simple call syntax.

free download (109 Kb)

Web Cartoon Maker - make your own cartoon!

Web Cartoon Maker 1.02

This is a Desktop Edition of Web Cartoon Maker. Web Cartoon Maker uses simple C++ scripts to produce high quality animated cartoons. Programming cartoons is very easy using characters, images and sounds from online library (free clipart).

free download (5.31 Mb)

Visually design and develop Web Apps

VisualNEO Web 19.11.7

Visually design, develop and publish Web and mobile professional Apps. Drag and drop interface. NeoScript, a simplified programming language with wizards. Create your own plugins to integrate any JavaScript library.

free download trial (39.97 Mb)

Visual programming.

StroyCode 1.64

Visual programming - create programs in a few clicks! StroyCode compiles ready to use programs (EXE), libraries (DLL), web applications (CGI). Modules creation wizard helps you get started. For beginners and professionals. Compiler is included.

free download (3.5 Mb)

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