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Understand the 33 Consumer Segments

Indicus Consumer Spectrum 1.0

It highlights the key features which make each segment distinctive. The purpose of this work is to help marketers devise advertising and communications strategies and fine tune their sales strategies

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Urban Combat Shooter is an action game.

Urban Combat Shooter 1.0

Urban Combat Shooter, a free shooter game. If you have good shooting skills you might be able to survive the Urban Combat Shooter game. You will need to use your best special forces combat tactics to shoot.

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App is an interactive library that helps you.

All Household Checklists 1.08

You may be at a loss when you start managing your household. Of course, your parents can give you valuable advice and share their life experience. However, very often your parents' experience just doesn't work in the present context. Life moves...

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Push your skateboard to the limits!

Urban Skateboarder 1.0

Urban Skateboarder is a cool guy who really knows how to push his skateboard to the limits. This free skateboarding sports game is so exciting. You will have to jump over many different obstacles.

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WinHKI Business

WinHKI for your Business 1.06

Finance software for entrepreneur, household and hobby.

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Put an oasis of urban harmony to your desktop

7art Urban Clock ScreenSaver 1.5

Put an oasis of ultra modern urban harmony to your desktop! Fluffy clouds in violet sky, calming river, moving boats, flying pigeons surrounded by colorful balloons, red roses and green trees. Feel atmosphere of the holiday right here and now!

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Correct perspective distortions on a photo

Perspective Pilot 3.5.0

Perspective Pilot allows you to align objects on your architectural building and urban landscape images, thereby making the photos more attractive.

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Isometric turn-based squad-based strategy.

Urban Legend 1.0

Urban Legend is an isometric turn-based squad-based strategy. Action takes place in 2127. The future of humanity is not bright (and we all know it). Do you dare to reveal the shocking mystery of the 22nd century? Do you, punk?

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Calculator for household use

Household Calculator

Household Calculator handles main arithmetic operations with two operands, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and complex formulas with unlimited number of operations and operands.

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Electronic filing of papers and house content

Paper Tracker 3.0

Paper-Tracker is a total household management system program that files electronically all your papers and documents, keeps track of the house contents and their value, and logs service schedules and important tax and insurance dates.

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