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Help marketers understand the essence of 33 Consumer Segments, which together represent the entire urban spectrum of India. It highlights the key features which make each segment distinctive. The purpose of this work is to help marketers devise advertising and communications strategies and fine tune their sales strategies. The two key dimensions are lifestyle stages of chief wage earners of households and their skill levels. The first defines their needs and the second defines their earning abilities.The Indicus Urban Consumer Groups have been created using methods similar to methods used internationally, but India focused accounting for the differences both in terms of the characteristics of the Indian consumers and the availability of large scale household level raw data sets.
For each Segment, the following parameters have been presented:
" Demographic (Total Population, Household population, Household Size, Age of all the individual, Gender Ratio)
" Socio Economic (Education, Occupation, Industry)
" Assets (House Ownership, Four Wheeler Ownership, Financial Assets, Household Assets)
" Expenditure (Basic Food, High value food, Medical, Education, Durable goods, Clothing and Footwear)
" Each segment is represented by an alpha numeric code - A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B2, etc
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