in this game the player...
shoot zombies
zombies and donuts
zombies ruined my day
plants vs. zombies
plants and zombies
plants vs zombies
ninja vs zombies survive
world of tanks
armada tanks
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If u like to kill zombies this game is 4 u.

Tanks VS Zombies 1.1

If you like to kill zombies this game is for you.

free download (2.91 Mb)


Fish tanks 1.0

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free download (1.5 Mb)

Use your brains to stop the zombies!

Zombiepox 1.1

Are you afraid of the dark? Well, after this you probably wont be, zombies aren't as scary as they seem. But! They're taking over your hometown and since you're the one with the brains it's up to you to put up the fight.

free download (654 Kb)

In this game the player must shoot the zombie

Bounzy 1.0

In this game the player must shoot the zombies. You have to kill zombies or die. Each stage is different and has another numer of zombies - two, three, and more. The cemetery is where the game is played. A big moon shines and shows us enemies. The ga

free download (6.08 Mb)

Zombies and Donuts is an arcade game for free

Zombies and Donuts 1.0

Zombies and Donuts is a funny puzzle game inspired by Pacman. Try to collect all donuts, rescue the people and beware of zombies. Zombies can??t walk upstairs. You can move orange blocks. Enjoy!

free download (3.58 Mb)

Zombie apocalypse has arrived!

Kill All Zombies 2 1.0

Zombie apocalypse has arrived! Perhaps you are the only survivor in the big world! Kill all the zombies, try to stay alive and become the king of the world! Do not let the zombies deprive you of things to do.

free download (25.01 Mb)

Zomboz 2 is an interesting puzzle game.

Zomboz 2 1.0

Kill all of the zombies in 15 new levels of Zomboz! Fire your weapons, keeping in mind that your projectiles will be affected by the gravitational pull of nearby planets. All zombies can be killed with explosions or spikes.

free download (7.88 Mb)

Plants vs. Zombies is a free arcade game app.

Plants vs Zombies for Pokki 1.0

Play Plants vs. Zombies for free, right from your desktop. Get ready to soil your plants! Dig into the fun-dead action hit that's won over 30 Game of the Year awards! Protect your home from a mob of fun-loving zoombies.

free download (777 Kb)

Flaming Zombooka 3 is an puzzle game for free

Flaming Zombooka 3 1.0

You are stuck in a creepy carnival with lots of zombies, some dressed as clowns, in the latest from the Flaming Zombooka series. Kill all the zombies to move forward, each level will involve a different strategy.

free download (5.84 Mb)

Ninja vs Zombies Survive is an action game.

Ninja vs Zombies Survive 1.0

Try to survive as long as you can and defend yourself against hordes of zombies. In this action platform game you have to kill all undeads by attacking them with your ninja sword or shurikens. Earn enough gold to upgrade your power.

free download (1.58 Mb)

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