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XML Header Navigation Menu.

XML Header Navigation Menu 1

XML Header Navigation Menu.

free download trial (4.88 Mb)

FPS Maps for contains 15 Inbuilt Countries

FPS Maps for WPF 1.1.01

FPS Maps for WPF is a brand new component with a set of built-in country maps. There are 15 Inbuilt Countries. Maps navigation can be performed via Navigation bar which supports Themes and mouse.

free download trial (1.12 Mb)

JQuery-Based Web Part for Tab Navigation

Virto SharePoint JQuery Tab Navigation 2.0.0

Virto Tab Navigation is a JQuery-based Web Part. Combine all other web parts in a group and show them on the specific tab rather than on one page with scrolling.

free download trial (1.57 Mb)

This is an XML based banner rotator but this

Unique Navigation XML Banner Rotator 1

This is an XML based banner rotator but this one has a unique navigation. Click, draw your direction and you will see! Features: * XML driven content; * title and description of images; * slide show option;* customizable colors; * unique navigation;

free download trial (100 Kb)

Flash Vertical Menu for Adobe Dreamweaver

Flash Vertical Menu 1.0.1

Download flexible two-level vertical flash menu with XML navigation for any website! This plugin for Dreamweaver is a simple way to add a Flash menu to your site...

free download trial (555 Kb)

mixlNavigator is a sheet navigation and guide

MixlNavigator 1.02.2

This is a sheet navigation and guide tool for large spreadsheets where the column headers extend beyond the width of the screen.

free download (267 Kb)

Vibrant navigation icons for any interface!

Navigation Toolbar Icons 2008.2

Navigation Toolbar Icons - a comprehensive set of navigation-related handcrafted icons coming in a variety of formats, resolutions and color depths! Created by professional artists, these images will make your programs stand out from the crowd!

free download trial (2.01 Mb)

A set of navigation icons for toolbar & menu

Navigation Icon Set 2.4

Navigation Icon Set contains 118 original navigation icons for software and websites. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256. This icon set includes direction and object icons.

free download trial (1.04 Mb)

Full Screen Gallery 2 Draft is a fully resiza

Fullscreen Gallery v2 1.0

Full Screen Gallery 2 Draft is a fully resizable gallery and it supports unlimited images. Among the key features you have navigation through the pictures with left and right navigation-zones for next and previous photo and you have two navigation zo

free download trial (488 Kb)

XML driven news reader with beautiful pixel p

Smart XML Image & Text Viewer 1

XML driven news reader with beautiful pixel perfect design. Only basic XML knowledge needed to edit file contents! Fully resizable through XML; Image can be resized to fit; Image can retain its aspect ratio; Navigation dots can be hidden; Navigation

free download trial (200 Kb)

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