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Mandarin TTS learning software

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS 3.0.1

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS is a software that uses Neospeech lily tts (text-to-speech) engine for learning mandarin (NeoSpeech Chinese voice is the best sapi 5 mandarin tts engine in the world.) NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS can read any Chinese text

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Language learning software for Chinese Mandarin.

L-Lingo Chinese Mandarin 4.0

L-Lingo Chinese Mandarin is an easy to-use language learning software for learners of the Chinese Mandarin language. Learn the Chinese Mandarin language with this effective language learning software in no time.

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Strengthen your child's memory and language

NextSpeak - Voice Memory Game 2.3

Voice Memory Game can strengthen your child's memory and his/her Mandarin, English capabilities. 800+ words and support user defined themes, pictures and provide levels of difficulty

free download trial (32 Mb) :: order online ($14.95)

Understand Listen & Learn Chinese with Loqu8

Loqu8 iCE 5.1

Reading emails, websites and office documents written in Chinese can be a challenge for many people. Now with Loqu8 iCE Version 5, just glide your mouse over the Chinese text and a pop-up a window shows English translations and speaks Mandarin.

free download trial (544 Kb)

Chinese instant translator and dictionary

MDBG Chinese Reader 5.3

Reading emails, chat conversations and websites written in Chinese can be a challenge for many people. With MDBG Chinese Reader, just glide your mouse over the Chinese text and a pop-up window shows English translations and Mandarin pronunciations.

free download trial (543 Kb)

Learn Chinese & Speak Chinese in 3 Days.

Super Chinese - Learn Chinese in 3 day.

Super Chinese is a very powerful & comprehensive Mandarin Chinese learning application, including Chinese lessons for Chinese pronunciation, speaking Chinese, Chinese grammar & the basic knowledge of Chinese writing system & Chinese input meth

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I was sitting at a table by a lovely lady

Pimsleur Everyone I Know is Learning 1.0

I was sitting at a table by a lovely lady named Sue. Sue is in her 70's, very intelligent, and a wonderful conversationalist. She said to me, "Are you learning Chinese?" I said, "No, I am not learning Chinese. Why do you ask?" Sue said, "Everyone I

free download (512 Kb)

Learn thousands of Chinese characters!

Chinese Flashcard Studio 1.22

Memorize thousands of Chinese characters, read websites in Chinese, learn stroke order with animated chinese character stroke order

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Best valued, Idea- Dictionay and translator

Kingsoft PowerWord 2010 Ultimate

Kingsoft PowerWord has been on the market for more than 10 years and become the world's best-selling Chinese and English two way translation software. Kingsoft PowerWord 2010 is an ideal e-dictionary for people at all levels

free download trial (255 Kb) :: order online ($99.95)

learn chinese characters with new method

Learn Chinese characters easily 0.6

Learn Chinese characters with new method, funny Animation of Characters. The software explicitly express the meanings of many Chinese characters by animation according to their shape and people can easily understand in just one glance.

free download (7.53 Mb)

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