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Learn,edit,speak,teach Chinese. Zi-Info query

HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor 4.53

Learn,edit,speak,teach Chinese.Edit formatted text (RTF-based, Word-compatible). Add toned-PinYin on top of Zi. Chinese/English text-to-speech. Speak-when-typing, save and play. Chinese-to-English Dictionary. Zi-Info query, Annotate Chinese Paragra.

free download trial (32 Mb) :: order online ($129.00)

Learn Chinese with 2000 Hanzi.

2000 Hanzi 2.0.0

Learn Chinese: With 2000 Hanzi you will master the Chinese language, learn enough characters to read books and to pass the HSK. Learn simplified or traditional Chinese characters or skip the characters, turn on pinyin and learn how to speak Chinese.

free download trial (2.04 Mb)

Learn thousands of Chinese characters!

Chinese Flashcard Studio 1.22

Memorize thousands of Chinese characters, read websites in Chinese, learn stroke order with animated chinese character stroke order

free download trial (32 Mb)

Chinese Typing Tutorial

Chinese Typing Tutorial 1.0

A Chinese Typing Tutorial in the form of Slide-Show Presentation. It demonstrates the most-commonly used PinYin input method, plus advanced Chinese input techniques.

free download (539 Kb)

Prajna Paramita

Prajna Paramita 2.0

"Perfection of Wisdom" is a translation of the Sanskrit term praj??? p??ramit?? (Devanagari, Tibetan: Shes-rab-pha-rol-phyin ; pinyin: b?? r? b?? lu?? m? du??, Japanese: hannya-haramitta ; Korean: banya-paramilda Vietnamese: B??t Nh?? Ba La M??t ??a

free download (2.18 Mb)

Chinese Input Mobile,Chinese Input on Any PC

Chinese Input Mobile 4.23

Chinese Input Mobile,Chinese Input on Any PC,Chinese on USB. Quick, fault-tolerant Chinese Input. Input-Assistant Features. Zi-info & word usage lookup. Step-by-step slide-demo.

free download trial (9.54 Mb) :: order online ($39.00)

Chinese Character Stroke Order Animation.

Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator 2.10

Chinese characters are difficult. They are totally different from western letters.
That's exactly why "Chinese Character Stroke Order Animator" can help you a lot. With this software, you may learn characters like watching a movie!

free download trial (6.65 Mb)

Chinese Typing tool. Zi-Info Query. Ci lookup

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine 4.51

For typing Chinese into normal application windows. Quick, fault-tolerant. Input-Assistant Features. Zi-Info & word usage lookup. Step-by-step slide-demo.

free download trial (24.29 Mb) :: order online ($49.00)

Mandarin TTS learning software

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS 3.0.1

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS is a software that uses Neospeech lily tts (text-to-speech) engine for learning mandarin (NeoSpeech Chinese voice is the best sapi 5 mandarin tts engine in the world.) NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS can read any Chinese text

free download trial (32 Mb) :: order online ($49.95)

Chinese-English dictionary and translator

LONG 1.0.1

LONG is a Chinese-English dictionary and translator. Its name comes from the Chinese character for "dragon"

free download trial (1.7 Mb)

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