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Formula to make millions of dollars online

Info Prodigy 1.0

Imagine if you had a decent sales letter, lots of affiliate material, some proof and had done a proper launch as well. And that is exactly what Info-Prodigy is all about... allowing you to copy the exact formula we have used to generate over $10 M

free download (1.33 Mb)

Maintain and print product info & pictures

Biz_Manager [ Simple Version ] 1.0

Enter , maintain and print product information. Enter product pictures. Enter , maintain and print supplier information. Easily search , save or delete product information. One-touch-button to print screen [ Press F5 ].

free download trial (3.06 Mb)

Advanced Product Slideshow. You can place Com

Advanced Product Slideshow 1

Advanced Product Slideshow. You can place Complete info of product and also link to product description. Features: Change Pause time; Change the menu box width; Change the menu box height; Change the menu Visibility; Menu Direction; Menu Position x;

free download trial (4.88 Mb)

A comparison review of 8 TV for PC  products

PC On TV Comparator 1.0

The TV On PC Comparator provides for quick comparison and review of eight products that provide accessibility to thousands of TV and Radio channels from a Windows PC. Three views are provided. A Summary, a Detail View and a View of all Product Info.

free download (1.82 Mb)

Generate import export documents

Biz_Manager 1.0.1

Enter, maintain and print product and supplier info. Enter orders and automatically generate sales contracts, attachments, invoices, packing lists and shipping documents. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) integrates the whole business workflow.

free download trial (3.08 Mb)

Product Locator - Magento extension for GMaps

Product Locator 0.5.1

Product Locator is a Magento extension, which displays product locations on Google Maps with the ability to filter them by product categories. Additional features and customization can be provided by the developer ?? Scand Ltd.

free download (1.09 Mb)

It gathers  1900+American  Universities  Info

USA All Universities Info reader 4.0.820

It gathers 1900+American Universities Websites Information. it is The Best Program Of Its Kind On The Market.

free download trial (2.33 Mb)

RR/PLR/MRR Product Manager

Resell Products Manager MRR 1.2

The PRG Resell and Private Label Rights Products Manager is free for visitors to the web page promoting EPIC Traffic Systems. Do You Own More Than Two Bonus Info Products? Read On!

free download (23.06 Mb)

pdf description information and XMP metadata.

PDF Info COM Component 1.02

PDF Info software automates the process of exporting and importing pdf description information and XMP metadata.

free download trial (1.64 Mb)

Comparative Shopping + Track Product Info!

Product Scope 7.8

Comparative Shopping, Catalog and Profile Exchange making software! Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information. PS7 Clipboard Version. Send info to Spreadsheets. File Search. Search All text fields!

free download trial (18.92 Mb)

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