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This is a HotKey Manager.

AgataSoft HotKey Manager 1.4

AgataSoft HotKey Manager is a hotkey manager for Windows. Tired of opening frequently launched programs using desktop shortcuts or by drilling into the depths of the Programs menu? Assign hotkeys to the programs you use most often!

free download trial (616 Kb)

Powerful hotkey managing utility

Perfect Hotkey 1.337

Perfect Hotkey is a powerful hotkey managing and overriding utility for Windows. Perfect Hotkey lets you hide programs and windows, instantly shutdown, restart or logoff, insert canned messages, open unlimited amounts of websites, programs, games...

free download trial (2.62 Mb)

Record sound by pressing hotkey

Hotkey Sound Recorder 3.0

Record sound by pressing hotkey or by clicking the system tray icon. It also allows you to use hotkey to turn sound up/down or turn sound on/off. With Hotkey Sound Recorder, what you hear is what you get!

free download trial (3.03 Mb)

Hotkey manager for Windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager 1.5

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager Freeware Edition - is a hotkey manager for Windows.

free download (665 Kb)

Description of Hotkey Reminder

Hotkey Reminder

free download trial (6.42 Mb)

Launch tool that acts like hotkey manager

ActiveActions 1.25

ActiveActions is an launch tool that also acts like hotkey manager.

free download trial (879 Kb) :: order online ($19.95)

This is a free auto keyboard presser program.

Auto Keyboard Presser by Autosofted 1.8

The Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser and Recorder is a fully hotkey compatible tool, it is also very simple to use.

free download (1.02 Mb)

This is a free auto typer.

Auto Typer 1.0

The Autosofted Auto Typer is a fully hotkey compatible tool, just like every other Autosofted tool. This is a FREE auto typing program and is probably our simplest program yet.

free download (407 Kb)

App Launcher and Switcher for Windows

Wise Hotkey 1.11.25

Wise Hotkey is a simple and easy- to-use program that can help you improve the efficiency of using computer. It can implement that quick start or quick switch any application, folder or website by using keyboard shortcuts.

free download trial (4.12 Mb)

record and play back macros, key and mouse.

Hotkey Recorder 5.1329

Hotkey Recorder can record key and mouse events to file and play them back. Macros often used can be defined and played back. Macros, key and mouse events can be assigned to a hot key. When key sequence is pressed, these macros will be launched.

free download trial (804 Kb)

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