Works with 150 bars

SideBar Organizer KS 01s

Works with 150 bars. With this program, you can organize all files and folders and place them on different bars. The program includes a search tool that searches by bar name. The name of the bar will be ordered in a list.

free download trial (2.26 Mb)

Works with 8 automation commands.

Automation KS 01s

Automation commands : Move the cursor somewhere and click the left mouse button once, right mouse button once or double-click the left mouse button.| Open a folder.| Oopen a file .| Close the folder.| Close the file.| Paste previously saved text.

free download trial (1.22 Mb)

The new Cmd+Tab switcher with bookmarks

Docflipper 0.3.6.

The Docflipper transforms the native macOS app switcher into a simple and convenient tool that combines the familiar Cmd + Tab navigation and Bookmarks assistant within one board.

free download trial (28.96 Mb)

A portable, easy to use Application Launcher.

MyLauncher 2019.4

A portable and easy to use Application Launcher. Launch files, folders and websites too. Stand alone, no installation required. Use it from flash drive to easily manage Launch List of multiple PCs, to carry bookmarks from machine to machine.

free download (1.35 Mb)

Start Menu X for professionals.

Start Menu X 6.5

Start Menu X is a professional replacement of the system menu. Power users will get an efficient tool instead of the clumsy system menu. Start Menu X is a fusion of newest technologies and a 7-year research effort. Install a solution for true pro's!

free download (7.13 Mb)

Advanced Task Killer for Windows PC

Task Force Quit 2 2.0.10

Many Windows apps crash when you least expect it. But what if you could close them immediately? Introducing Task Force Quit Pro 2! This is a free utility that ends frozen tasks on Windows PC without using Task Manger.

free download (7.47 Mb)

Notepad for text, graphic, audio, labels


The small multinotepad disappearing in a tray of an operating system, allowing to store, look through, create and to change small text, graphic, sound and file records.

free download (5.44 Mb)

Application launcher, task switcher

Program Picker 1.0.12

Advanced task switching and program launching for power users - use two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different applications and/or files. Store up to 8,000 files and programs on Program Picker tiles. Quick Snap window resizer.

free download trial (2.36 Mb)

lockdown kiosks, digital signage, trade shows

Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.176

Lock down Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Inteset's Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi App Edition is ideal for kiosks, trade shows, library and school labs, hotels, Internet cafes, game labs, museums, and hospitals. Give access to only the apps you need.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Run any application as a Windows Service

FireDaemon Pro 3.14.2755

FireDaemon Pro lets you install and run any application or script as a Windows service. Services can be configured via or GUI or command line using XML and scheduled. Services will be monitored should your application crash or hang.

free download trial (16.49 Mb)

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