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Free Network Connection Manager

Free Network Connection Manager 1.0

SysTools Network Switch Software is one of the best software to provide switching between multiple network connections using free netswitch software.

free download (712 Kb)

Connect to the Internet-Anytime-Anywhere

Avanquest Connection Manager - Free 2.03

Connect to the Internet quickly and securely from any location. Connection settings are automatically saved, making it easy to re-connect anytime. No need to manually manage your Internet connections ever again. Download the full program for FREE.

free download (10.62 Mb)

Wireless Scanner and Connection Manager

WiFi Hopper 1.2 2008-110600

WiFi Hopper is a WLAN utility that combines the features of a Network Discovery and Site Survey tool with a Connection Manager.

free download trial (4.8 Mb)

Secure Lockdown Network Connection Manager Ed

Network Connection Manager 1.00.00

Provide users with a convenient customizable WiFi and Ethernet network connection management tool that can be locked down. Perfect for limited purpose tablets, secure computers, and Windows embedded environments.

free download trial (3.62 Mb)

The easy way to manage proxy settings

Network Profile Manager Lite 6.5

NPM 2014 Lite is the free, simple and easy way to seamlessly manage computer proxy settings based upon the availability of your networks.

free download (4.78 Mb)

Share your network connection via Wi-Fi

Splash Wi-Fi 1.0

Share your network connection via Wi-Fi connection to other devices and avoid wired connections in case of no wireless coverage in home or office

free download (179 Kb)

Browser & Wifi Settings Manager

Network Profile Manager 2014 Pro 6.5

The easy way to manage windows client system settings (e.g. proxy and Wireless management) based on the active network connection. When your network changes, NPM automatically configures your client to the new environment's requriments.

free download trial (5.09 Mb)

Mobile Connection Manager, automatic setup

Launch2net Premium 2.0.7

launch2net Premium is a modern connection manager for mobile Internet connections. Plug your Internet modem in your Mac and launch2net Premium takes care about the rest - no more need for any manual configuration.
3g, 2g, gprs, umts, lte

free download trial (12.89 Mb)

Anti NetCut3 protects your online privacy

Anti NetCut 3 1.0

Anti NetCut 3 protect your network connection from NetCut, Arp Spoofer or any other ARP spoofing tools that could cut your connection to the internet or sniff your information while working on shared wired and wirelss networks

free download (2.58 Mb)

Optimize your Internet connection up to 300%

Network Mechanic 3.1.4

Network Mechanic optimizes your Internet connection up to 300%, providing faster download speeds and fewer delays while browsing. It acts as an accelerator for your network connection. It works with MSN, AOL, and all private ISP hosts.

free download trial (952 Kb) :: order online ($29.95)

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