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Anti NetCut3 protects your online privacy

Anti NetCut 3 1.0

Anti NetCut 3 protect your network connection from NetCut, Arp Spoofer or any other ARP spoofing tools that could cut your connection to the internet or sniff your information while working on shared wired and wirelss networks

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Family E-Mail Spoofer FREE Version 1.2

Family E-Mail Spoofer FREE Version 1.2

Wind your family and friends up with our great new program Family E-Mail Spoofer. With our program you can send spoofed emails To anyone and FROM anyone with the click of a button.

free download (919 Kb)

ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache.

ArpCacheWatch 1.5.7

ArpCacheWatch monitors Windows ARP cache and allows to send an ARP request to obtain the physical address that corresponds to the specified destination IP address. The ARP cache contains IP/MAC translations.

free download (681 Kb)

EmailSpoofer joke email sender

EmailSpoofer 2.0.1

EmailSpoofer is a brilliant new email spoofer and joke windup tool from www.emailspoofer.co.uk. Send family and friends joke emails and wind them up like never before. Send your family and friends emails from the Queen or President Obama.

free download trial (2.57 Mb)

Poweful and easy-to-use network toolkit.

NetStat Agent 3.2

NetStat Agent is a powerful and easy-to-use network toolkit for monitoring and diagnosing. It includes all useful network tools like netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, dns query, whois, arp, route and http checker, but in a graphical interface.

free download trial (2.28 Mb)

Your way to stop others from attack your PC

Stop Cut 2.1

its way to stop ARP attack in your ARP tables , and stop spoofing from others in your local area network by using spoofing programs which alter your system your configuration to connect to your getway in the network , also it stops spying

free download (1019 Kb)

discover/control anyone your network

Netcut 2.0.9

Netcut is a tool to Find IP address MAC address mapping in your local network. and it can change your MAC address on any adapter in your PC, and it can control who can use your network remotely. works 100% in any network includes iphone/wii/xbox net.

free download (4.69 Mb)

LAN/Wi-Fi/IM sniffer. Captures ICQ, IRC...

Wireless Snif 4.149

LAN and WLAN Sniffer. A program for low-level packets capturing and analyzing in real-time. Allows to capture all network traffic even in switched LAN. Sniffer supports parsing of following protocols: IP, TCP and many others.

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Network troubleshooting made easy

NetStat Agent Portable 3.2

NetStat Agent makes diagnosing network connections and troubleshooting connection problems a snap. You will never need to go back to using netstat, arp, ipconfig, ping, traceroute, nslookup or whois tools from the command line!

free download trial (2.36 Mb)

MAC Scanner for scanning IP/MAC addresses.

Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro 2.2

Colasoft MAC Scanner is a scan tool for scanning IP address and MAC address. It can detect the specified subnets and scan the MAC addresses and IP addresses.

free download trial (5.17 Mb)

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