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A free mortgage payment calculator.

Free Mortgage Payment Calculator 4.5.1

Calculate mortgage loan payments with this free mortgage payment calculator for Windows

free download (834 Kb)

A free APR calculator for Windows.

Free Mortgage APR Calculator 4.5

Calculate Annual Percentage Rates with this Free Mortgage APR Calculator for Windows

free download (788 Kb)

It is a math expression calculator

Calculator Prompter 2.7

Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. Calculator Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calculator Prompter you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

free download (961 Kb)

Advanced Forex Calculator Multi Functions

Forex Calculator 4.01 4.01

With Forex calculator Advanced 4.01 you can perform forex calculations by using live market exchange rates. You can compute different parameters like margin requirements, pip value, spread costs, commissions, rollovers and most forex calculations.

free download (1.31 Mb)

A free pay off debt or invest calculator.

Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 4.5

This free financial calculator helps you determine whether paying down your debt or investing a windfall is the better choice for you.

free download (713 Kb)

Advanced car loan calculator

Car Loan Calculator 1.0

Car Loan Calculator is an advanced car loan calculator application. Use it to calculate the cost of taking out a loan on a new or used vehicle.

free download (1.45 Mb)

NiceCalc3 Lite - Mobile scientific calculator

NiceCalc3 Lite 1.0

NiceCalc3 Lite is an easy-to-use mobile calculator software, actually for symbian operating system and it easily used to perform the basic arithmetic operations and sufficiently comfortable to use as your cell phone calculator.

free download (991 Kb)

Free Windows calculator

ECalc Calculator 1.01

eCalc is a free Windows calculator with basic and scientific functions. The calculator is designed with a high level of aesthetics, including large buttons and an easy to read display.

free download (728 Kb)

Diablo 3 Gem Calculator!

Diablo 3 Gem Calculator 1.0

Diablo 3 Gem Calculator! Completely free!

free download (1.85 Mb)

CHMOD Calculator-Free Download

Mhfs_chmod 1.0

CHMOD Calculator-Free Download-Full featured CHMOD Calculator with our compliments from www.michiganfinehomes.com

free download (414 Kb)

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