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Easy-to-use Finance calculator

Mini Finance Calculator 3.2

Mini Finance Calculator is a easy-to-use Finance calculator.It give you the ability to calculate the time value of money, interest rates, cash flow, and depreciation. Additionally, you can view, print, and save amortization schedules.

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Equipment Lease finance calculator

YourLeaseCalc 2.5

Customizable equipment lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional. Create you own branded lease finance calculator for you and your Vendors that can be installed on iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Android devices, PC's.

free download (653 Kb)

Renovation Loan Calculator

Renovation Loan Calculator 1.0

Renovation Loan Calculator - Custom Finance And Interest Rate Calculator. Looking for a home loan or renovation loan or personal loan? Use this Renovation and personal loan calculator to out your interests rates and payment details.

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Free Professional Lease Finance Calculator


Free Lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional. Simple to use, but comprehensive, Lisa is an excellent tool for quoting rapid and accurate lease finance repayments. Speeds up the routine and simplifies the more complex lease calculations

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Easy to use financial calculators.

Financial Helper 4.8

Finance Helper 2001 - This program contains the following financial functions: a calculator with loan-comparison capability for various interest rates and term length. Another calculator for determining affordability for mortgage or auto loans, etc.

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Advanced car loan calculator

Car Loan Calculator 1.0

Car Loan Calculator is an advanced car loan calculator application. Use it to calculate the cost of taking out a loan on a new or used vehicle.

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On-screen calculator with big display.

See-and-Calc 1.0

See-and-Calc is an on-screen calculator with big number display and keypad to improve visibility. It simulates a big and friendly desktop calculator with basic functions. Alternate color configurations are available.

free download (1.55 Mb)

Lease finance calculator

WinLeasePro 2.2

Lease finance calculator geared for use by the Lease Professional. ???Set commission and yield/rate ???Simple to use ???Snap shot results summary ???Monthly or quarterly payments ???Print and save customer quotation forms ???Import your logo ???Reverse c

free download (532 Kb)

Multiple financial goal calculator

LifeCALC 1.X

LifeCALC is the only financial calculator that allows you to EASILY project/solve up to 25 goals/responsibilities (for up to 50 years !) AT THE SAME TIME. LifeCALC lets you do the kind of financial projections that you always knew you should.

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It is a math expression calculator

Calculator Prompter 2.7

Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. Calculator Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calculator Prompter you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

free download (961 Kb)

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