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Cryptography tool for Mac OS X.

Cryptix 0.90

A complete cryptography solution for Mac OS X, encoding & ciphers. You can also make numerous tasks and learn more about cryptography...

free download trial (18.57 Mb)

Steganography for digital images

Steg Easy cross platform steganography

Steg is a software written in C++ that use steganography and cryptography techniques to hide information inside uncompressed and compressed images. It support JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP image's formats. It can use symmetric asymmetric key cryptography.

free download (7.12 Mb)

Cryptographic Note and Login Storage Utility

Datum Locker 0.1.12

Datum Locker allows you to juggle your workstation notes and login accounts safely as behind the scenes a lock exists on this data using cryptography as it is fundamentally for your eyes only.

free download (522 Kb)

Secure sensitive data from snoops!

Encryption software 4.1.0

This Windows encryption software scrambles your data with strong Blowfish and AES cryptography and stores it in virtual vaults, so no one can access it without knowing your encryption password

free download (1.6 Mb)

Program for encryption and data protection.

Easy Crypter 2010 3.21

Easy Crypter 2010 - a safe and convenient program which allows you to encrypt/decrypt single or multiple files as well as text, such as e-mail. Easy Crypter 2010 is easy to use and does not require any knowledge in the cryptography sphere.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Java license generator

Abeona 2010.3

Abeona is a java license generator. It offers user friendly GUI tool for license building and java library for license validation on user side. License is simple Java properties file protected by digital signature (MD5 checksum and RSA cryptography).

free download trial (428 Kb)

Encrypted Secure Computation on Spreadsheets

The Secure Spreadsheet 1.0

The Secure Spreadsheet is the first and only end-user program for encrypted secure computation: two parties with private inputs can compute without revealing anything but the output. An easy to use Excel Add-in: colour some cells and press a button.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Free Suite of About 30 Networking Tools

Pandora White Box 8.0

Pandora White Box is a free suite of approximately 30 networking tools for network and system administrators as well as security experts.

free download (5 Mb)

Free encryption tool to protect your data

WinGPG 1.0.1

Free encryption tool with simple and powerful interface to protect your data. Its open source software based on GPG public-key cryptography to encrypt/decrypt files and sign/verify digital signatures. Its free to download and easy to use.

free download (9.39 Mb)

250+ practice questions from latest syllabus

Security+SY0-401 Android App 1.2

Complete explanation is provided for each question in Learn mode, and actual exam environment is simulated in Exam mode.

free download trial (4.22 Mb)

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