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Generate keys and certificate requests


The generation of cryptographic keys and certificate requests X.509, the formation and maintenance of key systems of the carriers in the PKI. Support: GOST R34.10-2001, RSA, DSA, eToken, Rutoken EDS, KRYPTON, Accord-AMDZ, Sobol, etc.

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Encrypt and decrypt files, documents

KryptoFiler 1.0.2

Encrypt and decrypt files, documents, and archives through major cryptographic standards

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Cryptographic Note and Login Storage Utility

Datum Locker 0.1.12

Datum Locker allows you to juggle your workstation notes and login accounts safely as behind the scenes a lock exists on this data using cryptography as it is fundamentally for your eyes only.

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Quickly Unlock Password-protected iTunes Backups

ISeePassword - iTunes Password Recovery V2.1.3.0

Gain access to information stored in password-protected iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch backups.

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Cryptographic protection of any file


Cryptographic protection of any file format in MS Windows, email attaches in MS Outlook. Can be used in public, commercial and personal protected systems of electronic document

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Hash calculation software utility

Advanced Hash Calculator 2.34

Calculate hash with this handy software. Just drag and drop files in this calculator and hash string for the files will be immideately displayed. Supported cryptographic hash calculation algorithms include CRC32, GOST hash, MD2, MD4,MD5, SHA-1, SHA2

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Encrypt and decrypt multiple files with ease

Batch File Encrypt 5.0

Encrypt and decrypt whole files or their parts using AES, 3-DES, RC2, and DES symmetric algorithms. You can encrypt files with a single password or specify cryptographic keys (vectors) instead. You can change key bit length for better protection.

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Secure password storage and management

Bitobit Mithril Password Manager 1.07

Store passwords securely in one place. Bitobit Mithril Password Manager makes password management easier and more secure by marrying a single-click user interface with secure cryptographic algorithms to protect your sensitive information.

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Recover password from an encrypted PDF file

PDF Password Recovery Analyzer for Mac 1.0

In case you have lost your password, it may take ages to recover it with your home or office PC. The program allows you to connect to a supercomputer and use it to recover your password faster.

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Crypto Light - simple and free to use

Polar Crypto Light Free 2.5

Polar Crypto Light is simple to use, yet supports the securest, most recommended and most cryptographic standards and crypto systems. It is an ActiveX control which seamlessly adds encryption features to your Windows application.

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