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Cpu monitoring

CPU_resistor 1.10

If you change the fan or heatsink on your processor,this program will help you check whether they fulfill their task.

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Display CPU and Memory In Gauge Format

Speed Up Computer Widget 1.01

Shows your CPU and memory consumption in two gauges (like a car speedometer). From that information, you can see how you need to speed up my computer. Computer speed is shown on the left gauge, memory consumption on right.

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One tool with 3 powerful ways to speed up PC

Speed Up PC 1.9

One tool with 3 powerful ways to make your PC run extremely fast
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CPU and RAM usage Vista Sidebar Gadget

Speed Test Gadget 1.0.2

Speed Test is a meter that monitors your entire system. Mearuring CPU and RAM usage by itself and has the ability to test your Maximum Internet Speed (bandwidth), Website speeds, Hard Drive space and activity, Ping, WIFI, Battery, LAN,Upload,Download

free download (893 Kb)

Boost your computer speed and performance.

System Speedup Wizard 3.1.8

System Speedup Wizard increases computer performance by allocating higher portions of CPU power to active applications and games.It is a revolutionary product which enhances processor intensive software to run at even faster speeds.

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MCS CPU Benchmark 2008

MCS CPU Benchmark 2008

MCS CPU Benchmark is a fully free application which test processor speed. Owing to it you can make real measurement converted on points. Application has four testing functions: image processing, recalculating of complicated math operations...

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monitoring the cpu usage

CPU Monitoring 1.7.1

CPU monitoring software have the ability to self-report their make, model, family, features, cache details etc. The included cCPUID class allows the programmer to execute this instruction and retrieve the results.

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Fix High Cpu Usage  problem and clean up PC.

Smart High Cpu Usage Fixer Pro 4.3.2

High CPU Usage Fixer is recommended by many experts and users as the world's best computer fixer and registry cleaner. Over 9,500,000 people have already chosen High CPU Usage Fixer to fix PC error! Try it now for FREE!

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free CPU temperature monitor

CPU Thermometer 1.0

CPU Thermometer is a free CPU temperature monitor, it can show your pc CPU current temperature in desktop and tray icons zone. Program support all Intel and AMD processors, full cpu lists can be found at CPUThermometer.com, can work under XP/Vista.

free download (573 Kb)

Automatically log your CPU usage to files.

Log CPU Usage 1.0

Monitor your CPU usage over time is to log the percentage to a file at repeating intervals. Log CPU Usage is a tool that makes this easy for all users.

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