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Desktop Color Picker

Desktop Color Picker 1.2.0

Free Desktop Color Picker is a free Windows color picker tool wich allows you to find Colors you need.

free download (2.6 Mb)

The Color Picker Pro V3 is more than a Flash

Color Picker Pro V3 1.0

The Color Picker Pro V3 is more than a Flash color picker; it is a collection of color pickers, a component that you can use to create almost any possible flash color picker, easy, advanced or very advanced. The Color Picker Pro V3 is simply the best

free download trial (488 Kb)

A simple color picker that you can use in pro

Color Picker Component 1.0

Color Picker component is a simple color picker that you can use in your projects. It is very easy to use. It has only two parameters that control the align of the large panel and the color.Just drag&drop and use it anywhere you want.

free download (488 Kb)

Color Picker.

Info-Pack.com Color Picker 1.01

Info-Pack.com Color Picker is a windows color picker.

Use it to check the color of any pixel on a windows screen.
Copy that value to the clip board with a click of a button

Get the hex, RGB or RGB hex values of any color on your screen

free download trial (947 Kb)

Sample any color on your desktop

Color Picker 1.0

Image-Bot.com Color Picker

Image-Bot.com Color Picker allows you to attain the color of any pixel on your windows desktop.

free download trial (920 Kb)

Fast CSS Color Selection Tool

HTML5 Color Picker 2.0

HTML5 Color Picker is a super fast color converting tool and color palette system for CSS. It converts and increments the values of the newest web alpha color format H.S.L.A. as well as H.S.V., R.G.B, Long Value and #Hex

free download trial (486 Kb) :: order online ($20.00)

A popular color picker for web designers.

PkColorPicker 4.00.00

pkColorPicker is an extensive and easy to use color selection tool for web designers, graphic producers and developers.

free download (920 Kb)

Handy little color picker.

Little RGB Color Picker 3.0

Pick a color from the screen or from a palette and this handy little utility displays the html hex code and the RGB values for that color. Use the hotkeys to send it to the clipboard.

free download (1.2 Mb)

Free color picker and color mixing tool

Anry Color Picker 1.9

A color picker and color mixing tool, including harmonious color finder; features 5 formats of picked color value (HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL), 3x/9x zoom, picked color history, RGB & RYB color wheels, RGB & HSV color mixers, a user-defined hotk

free download (305 Kb)

Automatically extract color and back up

Quick Color Picker 5.1

Automatically extract color and back up all the color values to the list of images

free download (1.35 Mb)

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