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Handy clipboard history manager

Visual Clipboard 2.2

Handy clipboard history manager. Just hold mouse button or press Ctrl+Alt to view/edit clipboard content. It is the simplest and fast clipboard manager.

free download (901 Kb)

Windows Clipboard Utility !

XNeat Clipboard Manager

Windows clipboard has the disadvantage that you can only copy once before pasting, xNeat clipboard manager solves such problem by keeping track of all your copied items and giving you quick access to them saving your time while working with copying.

free download (544 Kb)

Handy clipboard history manager

Visual Clipboard Pro 2.3

Handy clipboard history and notes storage. It is very easy to use: just press Ctrl+Mouse button or hotkey to view your clipboard history - it is so simple and fast! You can specify hotkey to any stored item and quickly paste it to active application.

free download trial (1.09 Mb)

Your personal safe clipboard manager

Comfort Clipboard Lite 4.3

Your personal safe clipboard manager. Comfort Clipboard Lite will revolutionize the way you look at the computer clipboard. It provides full control over 'clipped' data and saves it so that you can use it again and again and again.

free download trial (2.19 Mb)

clipboard manager

ClipboardCC 5.1

This clipbaord manager keeps your clipboard history, saves clipboard content as files and allows upload clips to variuos online services.

free download trial (800 Kb)

Clipboard text history menu in every app

Clipboard History 1.0

Have you ever needed text that was in the Clipboard 20 minutes ago, but is now gone? The Clipboard Manager called Clipboard History grands you access to texts you have copied to the Clipboard before, by pressing the usually unused Caps Lock key.

free download (1.08 Mb)

Clipboard/document/Information manager

Clip-box 5.0

A easy-to-use and powerful clipboard / document / Information manager and information collector . It allows you to keep all you information in clipbox database. inlclude clipboard / text / MS-word / graphics / media and all format documents.

free download trial (2.57 Mb) :: order online ($29.99)

Programmable Mobile Clipboard Manager

Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard Manager 18.02

Have you ever needed information on one computer that you have on another? Forget transferring files. Spartan is a clipboard manager that runs entirely from a plug in flash drive. Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste. Its that easy.

free download trial (7.42 Mb)

Multifunctional clipboard manager

Global Clipboard 2.3

Global Clipboard saves all information which is copied in a clipboard. Allows to easily fill in forms, see statistics for the text and images, accumulate the text, restore contents of a clipboard, change the register of the text and transform images

free download trial (1.47 Mb)

Paste Manager Freeware Edition is a freeware

Paste Manager 1.0

Paste Manager Freeware Edition is a freeware paste manager for Windows.

free download (620 Kb)

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