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ZAC Browser - Zone for Autistic Children

Zac Browser 1.1.7

ZAC Browser - First web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS.

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Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Mood Disorder Questionnaire 1.0

The Mood Disorder Questionnaire is a professional scale used in the diagnosis of manic symptoms in bipolar disorder. Bipolar spectrum disorders frequently go unrecognized and untreated, which results in health and psychosocial problems later on.

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The parenting aspergers resource guide

The parenting aspergers resource guide 2.0 2.0

The parenting aspergers resource guide
How I Can Help You Find The Answers
To Your Questions About Aspergers??
Since 2006, I've worked with hundreds of families all around the world who have Aspergers.

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The program allows to know the most imbalance

Testyourself 1.0

The program allows to know the most imbalanced meridian based on answers to questions. Having revealed disorders you can get treatment. It is performed by color markers put on acupuncture points according to Su-Jok method. Disorders diagnosis is free

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Spectrum MP3 player is easy to use and implem

Spectrum Mp3 Player and Playlist 1

Spectrum MP3 player is easy to use and implement in your website or blog. The novelty of this player is that he does NOT USE the function "computeSpectrum", leaving the possibility, in this way, to listen to MP3 files residing on other servers besid

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Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Real-time

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 7.01

Multi-channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer Real-time FFT, OscilloScope, Frequency counter, voltmeter, noise and distortion meters, phase shift meter.

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Configurator of the UnrealSpeccy emulator.


Configuration and start with necessary parameters of the UnrealSpeccy emulator (emulation of the personal ZX Spectrum computer).

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Games for children with special needs.

Pinf Hry 20170531

Pinf Hry are games for kids with special needs, like Autism, Down's syndrome or Cerebral Palsy. With Pinf Hry, special needs kids can learn how to read, write, recognize colors, read time from clock.

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Real time oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

Virtins Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer 3.3

Sound card based real time oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer with sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger which are generally missing from other sound card based instruments. It is a part of VIRTINS Multi-Instrument.

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Forex Spectrum not only has the ability

Forex Spectrum 2.0 2.0

Forex Spectrum not only has the ability to pull massive amounts of cash out of the Forex market...
...it does it so with such a low level of risk... that it has the Forex "gurus" shaking in their boots.
But simply knowing it works isn't e

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