"The kindergarten:Health and Development"

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Supported languages: Russian
Supported OS: WinXP / WinVista / Win7 x32 / Win2000 / Win98 / WinME / Win95 / Windows 8
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The computer program "the kindergarten: Health and Development the GEF is designed to analyze development, attendance and disease of children in preschool educational institutions (Dow), control of compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms.
The program allows for monthly and yearly analysis of attendance and morbidity, print Timecard attendance, as well as to analyze the development of children in different comprehensive educational programs, relevant Federal state educational standard of preschool education, such as "Childhood", "From birth to school", "Sources" (and others), maintain a database of children around the kindergarten with an indication of their level of development (according to various criteria) in the context of the entire kindergarten group.
Network version allows you to work on a local network to multiple users (up to 10) with the same database.
The program fully complies with the requirements of the Ministry of education of Russia from 17.10.2015 No. 1155 and SanPiN
The computer program "the kindergarten: Health and Development the GEF combines two areas: children's health and development. Both aspects are inseparable both from the point of view of working children's organizations, and from a technical point of view the development of the software product that provides data collection and analysis of these processes. The combined database of indicators of health and development in the computer program "the kindergarten: Health and Development the GEF allows you to use some of the information (e.g., scheduling lineups of children in groups) how to analyze health and development, which is more efficient in practice.
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