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ACIO Ovulation Calender is an easy-to-use precise ovulation calculator of menstrual cycles,firtility, ovulations. It helps you to achieve or avoid or achieve conception, or even conceive a baby boy or girl. ACIO Ovulation Calendar helps you use a natural contraception method. It displays days when you are fertile, ovulation days and predicts your baby's gender. The results are presented as a color-coded conception calculator.

Want to conceive a baby?

You are most fertile when you are ovulating, so if you know the time of ovulation, this will help to find the perfect days to conceive. Conception calculator shows the probability of getting pregnant based on your ovulation time and other factors such as the life span of the egg and sperm.

Want to avoid pregnancy?

The ovulation calendar can be a great solution for those in monogamous relationships who want to avoid pregnancy. It's a natural, hormone-free birth control method that does not require remembering to take something every day. And it allows for freedom to change your mind at any time should you decide the time is right to become a parent.

Want to choose the gender of your baby?

ACIO Ovulation Calendar helps you find the best time for conception, increasing the probability of having a boy or a girl.
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