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It's a pathetic reality that throughout the years there has been a growth of strength training methods for building muscle that have no scientific proof to back them up. Take a look at the facts and principles presented?  below for building muscle and make up your own mind. Below you will discover Scientific Guidelines for strength training which have been around for years but aren't adopted by a large number of training techniques these days.

1. Building Muscle Before Depleting Energy Levels
A strength-training routine ought to be short and uncomplicated. Most of us simply have a limited amount of energy per work out, let alone time. Scientific studies demonstrate that blood glucose levels (energy) start to deplete after 30 mins, so exercise selection as well as the time taken to execute them is vital.

What you should be targeting towards is stimulating as many muscle fibres in the shortest period of time available. During your building muscle workout routine your glucose levels deplete after a high intensity training session (generally between 20 - 30 minutes).?  And keep in mind that you require energy to recuperate following any workout routine.

The best way for building muscle is to give yourself a high intensity training session before your blood glucose (energy) level disappears.?  At that point you should have provided your body the workout which it needs to gain the maximum amount of muscle possible. So, how do we do that?
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