Mac focus app to block apps and websites.

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Cisdem Focus 2.0.0



Supported languages: English
Supported OS: macOS 10.12 or later
Price: $29.99
Cisdem Focus blocks distracting apps and websites on Mac during your focus time, helping you increase focus and productivity. It offers four options to start a focus session: Quick Start, Pomodoro, Block as Scheduled and Launch Limit, allowing you to start a one-time focus session right away, or plan focus sessions with the Pomodoro Technique or by scheduling.

The focus app for Mac allows users to block specific apps, specific websites and pages, categories of websites and all websites except a few, helping you minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand.

There is a Password mode, which, if enabled, requires the password to stop a focus session when the session is active. There is also a Hardcore mode, which, if enabled, makes it impossible to stop a focus session when the session is active.

The Statistics feature provides daily, weekly and monthly etc. statistics on time spent on apps and websites, how many times apps and websites are launched, and how many times Cisdem Focus blocks distractions for you.

Main features of Cisdem Focus:
1. Block apps and websites during focus sessions
2. Offer 4 options to start a focus session
3. Allow users to plan focus time using the Pomodoro Technique, by scheduling, etc.
4. Provide a Password mode
5. Provide a Hardcore mode
6. Provide statistics on app and website usage
7. Import or export Cisdem Focus configuration with a click
8. Import or export a list of websites to block with a click
9. Easy to use and configure
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