We can create SQL or Datagrids via Datatables

Screenshot of Excel to SQL DataGrid via DataTable C# 2020.10.0

Excel to SQL DataGrid via DataTable C# 2020.10.0


Excel to SQL and DataGrid via DataTable

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IronXL provides an API allowing us to take system.data.data tables and convert them into Excel workbooks. You will find code examples for doing this within ironxl.com inside the code example section, for code example, is named, "XL to SQL and data grid via data table".

We convert a worksheet into a data table An excel worksheet is a single page or spreadsheet within a workbook. It is a concept within Excel. You see them generally as the tabs at the bottom of an Excel workbook. In IronXL, we can select any worksheet and export it to a data set or data table. There you will find within IronXL,there are worksheet.twodatatable, and workbook.twodataset methods that allow the automatic conversion of Excel into these native system.data objects. This allows us to populate Excel spreadsheets from SQL and also update SQL databases from Excel. It's an incredibly useful, convenient feature of IronXL that allows SQL to be updated and synced with Excel workbooks programmatically in .net applications. We have C# and VB .Net code examples on our website.

IronXL can be used to query an Excel file and take the data across to a data table. Open any Excel workbook in IronXL and then use the to data table function to create a data table. You may then edit that data table before synching with any system data object conventionally in SQL database.

IronXL support worksheets from XLS or XLSX Excel files. IronXL is one of the few .Net Excel libraries, which fully supports XLS and XLSX file formats. It also supports XLSM files, which are XLSX files containing macros without disabling the macros.
The most common type of business situation where we would convert a data table to an Excel file would be where we want to take an existing query on a database and turn it into an Excel file. This could look like a quarterly sales report, an invoice, a customer updater report.
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