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This is anti-spam software that is a great a

Anti-Spam Software software solution 2.0

This is anti-spam software that is a great anti spam solution. Get back at spammers who spam in your inbox whether be it microsoft outlook, eudora, or any other kind of e-mail application. Check out this software now! A great type of anti-spam filter

free download (2.05 Mb)

Anti Spam Controls

---Anti Spam Controls 2008.5

Get the email you want and nothing else. Anti Spam Controls quickly and easily helps you stop spam from polluting your inbox with advanced rule-based and list based filtering

free download trial (3 Mb) :: order online ($29.99)

Eliminate 100% of spam with ChoiceMail One

ChoiceMail One 2010.1

ChoiceMail One is DigiPortal??ôs critically acclaimed anti -spam software. ChoiceMail blocks 100% of spam with absolute certainty. ChoiceMail allows you to choose which messages come to your inbox. Take control of your email again with ChoiceMail.

free download trial (15.75 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

The 100% effective spam fighter for everyone

No More Spam 3.0

Finally there's 100% spam protection for everyone. No More Spam stops all spam, and is so easy to setup and use - just set it and forget it. The only change you'll notice is the absense of spam in your Inbox.

free download trial (1.86 Mb)

Destroys any spam mail and all other junk.

Anti-SPAM Guard 4.0

Anti-spam software for Windows. Combines the maximum ease of use with the support of any mail client and power spam mail detection.

free download trial (2.44 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

SMS/MMS/E-Mail Spam Removal Utility

SMSSpaminator 2.50

SMS/MMS/E-Mail Spam Removal Service for Windows-based Mobile Devices.

Have you ever grown tired of Spam cluttering your Mobile Devices' Inbox? If so, this tool is for you!

free download trial (1.22 Mb)

Stop 100 % of spam

Jsoft Anti-Spam 2010

Jsoft Anti-Spam allows you to stop spam before you even receive them in your mail. It analyzes in real time the incoming e-mails...

free download (8.26 Mb)

Anti Spam removal and blocking

InboxLock 1.2

InboxLock removes and blocks spam based on your decisions. It eliminates the need for opt-out lists or spam filters.

free download (2.4 Mb)

Block spam bots from stealing your email.

Spam Bot Blocker 1.0

Spam Bot Blocker is a free utility that obfuscated (scrambles) your email address so that you can post it to your website with less risk of it being harvested by spam bots.

free download (1.26 Mb)

Anti-spam filter can stop 98% of spam.

SpamButcher 2.1xd

SpamButcher is an advanced anti-spam filter. Its spam blocker can stop 98% of spam. Every few minutes it checks for new messages in your inbox. If it finds any spam, it's moved to a holding area for later examination.

free download trial (2.27 Mb)

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