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The 100% effective spam fighter for everyone

No More Spam 3.0

Finally there's 100% spam protection for everyone. No More Spam stops all spam, and is so easy to setup and use - just set it and forget it. The only change you'll notice is the absense of spam in your Inbox.

free download trial (1.86 Mb)

Anti-spam protection from email bots

Link Disguiser 1.0.8

Link Disguiser is a professional anti-spam solution that prevents spam bots from email address harvesting on your website. Link Disguiser provides a webmaster with a bullet-proof, quick and easy anti-spam protection.

free download trial (994 Kb)

Professional spam blocker for web forms.

Spam Blocker For Web Forms 1.12

Professional Spam Blocker For Web Forms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for protection of web forms from being parsed and used for sending spam emails. Includes adjustable spam filters and anti spam source code protection.

free download trial (788 Kb)

Anti Spam removal and blocking

InboxLock 1.2

InboxLock removes and blocks spam based on your decisions. It eliminates the need for opt-out lists or spam filters.

free download (2.4 Mb)

Protects your web form from SPAM and scanning

Web Form SPAM Protection 1.5.2

Web Form SPAM Protection is a utility to protect forms from being scanned, analyzed and used to send SPAM emails. It encodes form source code, so that form spiders can't work with it and can't use it to send SPAM emails.

free download trial (413 Kb)

Protect your organization from spam /phishing

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway, is the easy-to-use anti-spam solution for Microsoft Windows Servers. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway delivers instant spam protection with no configuration/maintenance to help businesses get rid of spam.

free download trial (10.7 Mb)

Anti-virus/Anti-spam protection for MDaemon

SecurityPlus for MDaemon 4.1.2

Antivirus and spam protection for MDaemon Email Server. Provides real-time spam, Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology, Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection, inline email antivirus, and phishing protection.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Anti Spam & Social Media Management for Outlo

Lionytics for Outlook 1.01

Built on the Lionytics anti-spam API, the plug-in integrates seamlessly with Outlook and offers full protection from all types of spam. Lionytics?? for Outlook?? monitors all incoming & outgoing messages.

free download trial (800 Kb)

Enterprise Anti spam Security Software

EMP Enterprise Anti spam

Anti spam security for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and GroupWise. Multi-tiered protection from spam, viruses / exploits, phishing and fraud.

free download trial (32 Mb)

Anti SPAM Fighter, pro edition

---Anti SPAM Fighter Pro 2009.1

Anti SPAM Fighter is worlds leading spam filter that provides spam protection across the globe for over 5 million home and business users on PCs and Servers. Download Anti SPAM Fighter today and forget about spam once and for all.

free download trial (1.39 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

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