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Paint Zoom power sprayer review.

Paint Zoom Review 1.0

Paint Zoom is undeniably the most compact and easy to use power paint sprayer on the market. This amazing paint tool enables any level of "do-it-yourselfer" to obtain professional painting results with extreme ease and speed.

free download (3.69 Mb)

Self playing Paint Zoom review presentation.

Paint Zoom Sprayer Presentation 1.0

The Paint Zoom is an awesome power paint sprayer that has yet to lose momentum within the do-it-your self market and doubtlessly accounts for it being reckoned as the perfect paint sprayer by many. The attraction of the Paint Zoom is its...

free download (3.93 Mb)

The Paint Zoom is an extraordinary innovation

Paint Zoom Clip 1.0

The Paint Zoom is an extraordinary innovation in the paint tool industry. This versatile power paint sprayer is effectively introducing an incomparable level of affordability into a painting tool that is greatly cherished for its ability to give...

free download (31.92 Mb)

Applies Ken Burns Effect to your photos.

Zoom Photo Screensaver 1.1.4

Zoom Photo Screensaver applies Ken Burns Effect to your family photos. This effect is also known as Pan and Zoom. It makes your photos as alive as if you were watching a movie.

free download trial (1.45 Mb) :: order online ($19.95)

Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic - Flash image zoom

Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic 1.4

Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic reveals close-up detail in small images using a magnifying glass. Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic is a brilliant Flash image zoomer for your website

free download trial (4.27 Mb) :: order online ($27.00)

Dynamic flash image zooming tool or zoom view

Boxoft Flash Zoom Maker 1.0

Boxoft Flash Zoom Maker is a simple, lightning-fast and creating dynamic flash image zoom viewer tools that give your clients the ability to zoom in or out on a set of high resolution images on your web site.

free download trial (4 Mb) :: order online ($27.00)

Zoom screensaver zooms you to the infinity!

Zoom Mania 3.0

Zoom screensaver zooms you to the infinite existence. Changes colors, sizes and forms. But never ends! Travel to the unknown worlds of zoom mania with free special effects screensaver.

free download (505 Kb)

Zoom Commander's media presentation engine.

Zoom Presenter 8.7.1

Zoom Presenter is an advanced, network controlled media presentation engine managed by Zoom Commander to present Digital Signage media content across one or multiple display devices in fullscreen, split-screen-zone or picture-in-picture layouts.

free download (3.23 Mb)

On-screen Magnifier with up to 16x zoom

Desktop Magnifier for Windows

One of the best Desktop on-screen Magnifier available on the market. It magnify the selected area up to 16x and it has also various zoom filters and shapes.

free download trial (1.58 Mb)

Zoom in and screen capture software

AreaZoom 3.21

This software allows you to magnify an area of the screen and save it as a bitmap image file. It displays selected screen area on the fly, has smooth magnification settings and saves full capture area or a part of it as a BMP file.

free download trial (402 Kb)

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