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Yukon Solitaire is for Solitaire pros!

Yukon Solitaire Card Game 1.0

Yukon Solitaire is for Solitaire Professionals...or, at least, people who think they are! Yukon Solitaire combines elements from both card game Klondike Solitaire and Freecell Solitaire. It's very similiar to klondike--or traditional--solitaire.

free download (8.65 Mb)

Free Yukon Solitaire classic card game.

Yukon Solitaire 3.2

Yukon Solitaire is a classic solitaire card game similar to Klondike. If you're familiar with Classic Solitaire you should be able to pick up Yukon pretty quickly. Differences like no deck, and the columns can be built down alternating suit.

free download (2.64 Mb)

Pro Yukon Solitaire is a solitaire card game.

Pro Yukon Solitaire 1.0

Pro Yukon Solitaire is a free solitaire card game for the PC similar to Klondike (Microsoft) solitaire. The difference is all cards are dealt into 7 columns at the beginningn of the game. Pro Yukon Solitaire is more difficult than traditional Yukon

free download (3.34 Mb)

2 Suited Yukon Solitaire is an easier version

2 Suited Yukon Solitaire 1.0

2 Suited Yukon Solitaire is an easier version of the card game yukon solitaire, which is a derivative of spider solitaire. Like spider solitaire, all cards are placed onto the tableau at the start of the game. Win by getting all cards on the right.

free download (2.44 Mb)

4 Suit Yukon Solitaire Card game

4 Suit Yukon Solitaire 1.0

4 Suit Yukon Solitaire Card game is all the fun of klondike solitaire and more! This solitaire card game combines aspects of traditional solitaire with those of spider solitaire. To beat Yukon Solitaire, get all cards into the four foundations up top

free download (5.05 Mb)

Chill out with Winter Yukon Solitaire!

Winter Yukon Solitaire 1.0

If Solitaire games could be represented by the different degrees of winter weather across the world, Yukon Solitaire would be closer to the brutally cold and endless snowfall type of winter.

free download (8.02 Mb)

What's hot this summer? Yukon solitaire!

Summer Yukon Solitaire 1.0

What's hot this summer? Yukon solitaire! Yukon solitaire is a solitaire combination game. Get your brain fired up playing Yukon Solitaire while you fire up that grill for the BBQ!

free download (8.05 Mb)

Yukon Solitaire, 2 suit, is an easier version

2 Suit Yukon Solitaire 1.0

Yukon Solitaire, 2 suit, is an easier version of the Yukon Solitaire card game. There are still four foundations to place your cards in: two of them for spades, two for hearts. The object of the game is to get all cards into their foundations.

free download (5.19 Mb)

Enjoy Two Suit Yukon Solitaire!

Yukon Solitaire 2 Suit 1.0

Enjoy an original game from Card Game Solitaire. Two Suit Yukon Solitaire is sure to keep you coming back for more solitaire fun each and every day. Two suits will make the game a bit easier than the Four Suit Yukon version.

free download (8.65 Mb)

Quick Yukon Solitaire card game.

Quick Yukon Solitaire 1.0

Quick Yukon Solitaire is a simple card game, where the object is to rearrange cards in the deck by suit and in order into the foundations on the right of the screen..

free download (4.15 Mb)

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