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Restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003

Restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003 3.0

Enable to restore Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 data with Microsoft SharePoint recovery tool. It facilitates the user to repair errors and recover Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 data. If you get any type of crisis then freely contact support staff.

free download trial (2.1 Mb)

AMPPS is a Stack with Softaculous.

Ampps 2.0

AMPPS is a Stack with Softaculous. With AMPPS you can create a website by installing any of the 280+ Apps, customizing it, and then simply publishing it on the internet via a wide choice of hosting service providers.

free download (32 Mb)

Hide your confidential files under a jpg file

ConcealFiles 3.1

Hides your confidential files beneath a jpg file uses 256 Bits strong AES encryption. If you have a strong password, it's impossible to crack the file. The resulting file is fully portable and works across Platforms and even Email clients.

free download trial (498 Kb)

Sudoku is a japanese logic-based puzzle game

VS_Sudoku 1.2

Sudoku is a logic-based number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each. Free Software

free download (802 Kb)

Gem  is a toolkit (add-in) for OneNote 2010

Gem for OneNote 2010

Gem is a toolkit (add-in) for OneNote 2010. 100+ features collected now.

free download trial (9.86 Mb) :: order online ($28.00)

Musink is a fast free music composition app

Musink Lite

Musink is a free music-composition software package that lets you write music at unprecedented speeds. It is highly flexible and optimised for speed & ease of use, allowing you to create MIDI files (including loops), as well as PDF, PNG, & XPS doc

free download (8.32 Mb)

SharePoint File Restore Program - Free Tool

SharePoint File Restore Program 3.0

SharePoint file restore program is a low cost solution which allows for repairing file of SharePoint Server from corruption situations. This expert tool has the capability to perform SharePoint site restoration task in frequent manner. Try it today.

free download trial (2.1 Mb)

Gra Mario is the fangame created by fans!

Gra Mario 1.0

Gra Mario is the fangame created by Reuch Shosh from Rumia. Game idea is very simple, based on Super Mario Bros 3. Walk on map and beat the special rooms with many kinds of environments, bowser minions, traps. Collect gold coins and choose a good way

free download (14.35 Mb)

TinyMce Spellchecker Example & Tutorial

TinyMce Spellchecker Demo f2348e0

A Github Project containing tutorials and source code to help programmers implement the NanoSpell TinyMce Spellchecker. Contains HTML and Javascript code which constitute a live demo for web developers.

free download (855 Kb)

SharePoint Bulk-File Uploads That Just Work

SharePoint Batch Check In + Bulk Upload 2.4

SharePoint Bulk-File Uploads That Just Work: UploadZen is the superior, more robust, easier-to-use, Zero-Install solution for uploading multiple files painlessly to any SharePoint Document Library.

free download (5.19 Mb)

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