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Website monitoring software.

Website Watchdog 1.0

Website Watchdog is an invaluable companion for any webmaster or affiliate marketer. This software enables you to be instantly alerted to any modifications that are made to any website you decide to monitor.

free download (1.28 Mb)

Track friends on Facebook and Skype

Friend Watchdog 1.1.5

Friend Watchdog monitors the status of your friends on Facebook and Skype, stores the status changes on remote servers, and lets you check when your friends have been online in the past week.

free download (3.02 Mb)

Windows process watchdog.

Process Tsar 1.00

Windows process watchdog. Restarts crashed applications automatically, or closes unwanted applications. If you have a buggy program that keeps closing down but you need it to stay running, you can have Process Tsar restart it every time it stops.

free download trial (643 Kb)

Warns about accidental wrongdoing in Outlook.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog 1.0

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog will warn you about unintentional moving or deleting folders in Outlook. It will save you time and nerves by restoring accidentally lost elements and protect your Outlook data from loss.

free download (8.7 Mb)

Capture and supervise with face detector

Ultra Absolute Video Alarm Combo 4.0

The program has been designed as common software for security hybrid platforms running concurrently with wireless and wired IP cameras, TV-cards, capture boards, power-line, and USB cameras.

free download trial (19.27 Mb) :: order online ($39.99)

Your own USB flash drive watchdog!

Flash Watcher 1.0

FlashWatcher will ensure that you never leave your USB flash drive plugged in to a computer.

free download trial (823 Kb)

Free website traffic

Website traffic generation 1.0.1

Get free automatic website traffic to your website

free download (1.52 Mb)

Free Report - Get a website for less then 12$

The Free Website Report 1.0

This Free Report shows you exactly how to get a professional business website for less then 12$ pm. Forget spending $500 plus to get a website created when you can create your very own professional website for your business, in 1 day!

free download (182 Kb)

Free website traffic

Increase Website Traffic 1.0

Get free automatic website traffic to your website

free download (1.52 Mb)

monitoring website status and performance

Radar Website Monitor

Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring tool, watching different protocols, including HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, FTP, TCP. It can log the server performance, generate real-time reports, and notify you upon detection of problem or error.

free download trial (2.31 Mb) :: order online ($49.95)

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