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Monitor folder and reaction

Boxoft Folder Watcher 1.1

Boxoft Folder Watcher is a program that monitors (watches) folders on Windows computers. When a change inside the monitored directory is detected, It starts the task you have configured for this event.

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Monitor/Watch fax folder and auto-convert fax

FaxWatch 3.0

FaxWatch is a FREE fax directory/folder monitor, able to watch fax directory/folder and invoke fax converter like batch Fax to PDF, Batch Fax2Tif, Batch Fax2JPEG, to convert fax to pdf tiff jpg jpeg automatically.

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Watch folders for new files, trigger actions

File and Folder Watcher 2.9.2

Continuously monitor folders for new files matching a wildcard, then trigger a custom action, such as running a second program with the new files. Files are processed only when completely written - perfect for huge files such as video, use with FTP

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Need a good stop watch? Try Stop Watch!

Stop Watch 1

Need a good stop watch? Try Stop Watch! Stop Watch is good to the nearest millisecond. Easy to use, and very precise! Perfect for math timings, games, sports, exercise, and much more.

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Watch Live TV On PC

Watch Live TV On PC 2.1

Watch Live TV On PC. want to watch free satellite tv on your PC? You can, by downloading our watch live tv on pc software 2.1. For a small one time cost of $49.95, you can watch over 3000 satellite tv channels on your PC for free.
Watch, Live, TV, On, PC

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Watch folder with execute application

File Watcher 1.0

File Watcher continuously watches one or more folders for new files, file changes, modifications and deletions in real-time. When a change occurs, you can execute an application. It will run as a Windows service.

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Be notified of file changes via email & more

Always Watching 2.2

Always Watching! allows you to watch any folder on your file system or available network share. When a change occurs, each watch can notify you independently via a popup window, a flashing tray icon, Windows NetSend, email or by running a program.

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Watch you folders and execute predefined acti

Total Folder Monitor 1.1

Total Folder Monitor will watch your folders and execute predefined actions. They include creating file list; pinging; running some application; copying, moving or deleting some file; terminating project or task; packing/unpacking files.

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Watch folders and files with File Monitor.

File Monitor 3.7

File Monitor takes a lot of manual work off your hands by constantly monitoring folders for the creation of new files. When a new file is detected, a custom action can be carried out. Files are processed only when completely written.

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Diskmonitor. Watch your harddisk space usage

DiskScout 2.01 build 130

DiskSCOUT is a diskmonitor especially designed to track the historical development of your hard disk space usage from past to present. Watch your disk and folders treesize growing. Watch the historical development of folders and diskspace usage.

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