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Rectangular sheet and part layout optimizer

Cuttix 1.2.767.11023

Rectangular sheet and part nesting layout optimization software with multi-processor (multi-core) support and multi-material support using high speed layout algorithm.

free download trial (6.79 Mb)

Online 2 dimensional optimization

AP-OCS 4.2

The objective of cutting optimization software vary from minimizing the size of rectangular sheet or maximizing the number of parts in the sheet.

free download trial (500 Kb)

Professional Cutting,Nesting Optimization

Cutting Optimization pro

Rectangular and Linear Cutting, Nesting Optimization Software for wood, glass, PAL, metal, bars, pipes industry.

free download trial (4.77 Mb)

HiveMind is an optimization component

HiveMind 1.0

HiveMind is an optimization component, able to find optimal solutions for multi variable optimization tasks, without requiring comprehensive knowledge of optimization. Simple and quick connectivity allow HiveMind to become a compact solution, deploya

free download trial (9.77 Mb)

True shape nesting optimization software.

Astra S-Nesting 2.0.0

Software for true shape nesting of sheet materials: metal, fabric, wood-based panel etc. Astra S-Nesting allows you to perform fast automatic nesting, manually edit layouts, import from DXF format, output NC data for CNC cutting machine.

free download trial (2.59 Mb)

Trim Optimization Software for Coils.

PLUS Slitting 1.00

Trim Optimization Software which reduces scrap and gives the complete cutting plans, and detailed reports for Coils, Paper rolls, Fabrics rolls etc. Use multiple material in a single job. Get clear concise output that can be used on the shop floor.

free download trial (2.06 Mb)

flash compression tool

Swift Optimizer 3.0

Swift Optimizer is the most powerful tool to compress flash movies in windows system.It can compress flash movie up to 70%. It will highly increase both site traffic and profits.

free download trial (9.7 Mb) :: order online ($79.00)

Search Engine Optimization UK Toolbar for IE5

Search Engine Optimization UK 1.0

Search Engine Optimization UK Toolbar for Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Download and install this free tool to get the latest search engine optimization articles, news, podcasts, videos and free ebooks for your business.

free download (1.25 Mb)

Cut2DX is component for 2D cutting,nesting

Cut 2D X 5

Cut 2D X is a powerful automation component used for obtaining good cutting and nesting plans for rectangular areas. Cut 2D X can be used for cutting and nesting rectangular sheets made of glass, wood, metal, etc. It can be embedded into any language that

free download trial (371 Kb)

Easy Converter for Access Data to Excel Sheet

Easy Converter for Access Data to Excel 2.1

Do you want to convert corrupt access data to excel sheet with fast and an easy converter for access data to excel sheet? Then MDB to XLS sheet conversion tool will solve your problem and offers you accurate result.

free download trial (1.53 Mb)

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