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Torrent Searcher

Torrent Searcher 2007 7.0

Torrent Searcher is a easy to use multiple network filesharing program. A multiple filesharing program contents that it can connect to different filesharing networks like Fasttrack, Gnutella, OpenFT and Ares.

free download (4.97 Mb)

Fast and reliable way to search within files

Multiformat File Searcher 1.03

Multiformat File Searcher is an utility that allows you to find text quickly in any document on your computer.

free download trial (4.23 Mb)

Fast Email Searcher Tool for Forensic Users

Fast Email Searcher Software 3.0

Fast Email Searcher is really useful, which easily search email evidence after forensic discovery from limitless e-mails. Using forensic analysis email tool, if you get forensic evidence, then you can keep this searched evidence into evidence list.

free download trial (17.41 Mb)

Multiple search engines at the same time !

Multiple Searcher 1.2.0

Search with multiple search engines at the same time ! One click to reach the whole web ! Save time and get all the informations you need. The best multiple engines search tool!

free download (427 Kb)

Torrent Searcher Client

Torrent Searcher Client 1.0

Torrent Searcher Client is an exclusive torrent client with the possibility to manage and create torrents. Torrent Searcher Client is based on BitTornado which extended from from Original Bittorrent Core System , coded by Bram Cohen.

free download (4.34 Mb)

Search and delete duplicate files!

#1 Duplicate File Searcher 2.0

#1 Duplicate File Searcher keeps your computer free of unnecessary files by finding and deleting duplicate files of your choice on your hard drives. You can for example set it to only find *.mp3 files in C:My music or files called backup.zip in D:

free download trial (1.08 Mb)

1st Email Searcher - find emal adresses.

1st Email Searcher 3.2997

1st Email Searcher helps you to search for email addresses in files and folders located on a PC or on the Internet, and place emails to text files. The program lets you find all emails you have on your PC, grab only those of them you need.

free download (1.47 Mb)

Free tool to extract emails & phone#s from CL

CL Searcher 4.73

CL Searcher is free Excel app that scans Craigslist for emails, phone #'s and any specific text you may want to find.

free download (623 Kb)

Downloading images from specified websites.

Advanced Pic Hunter 3.8

This program makes searching, downloading and viewing images on the Internet easier.It analyzes specified Web sites for images and downloads them rapidly, making it easy for you to reuse and manage these images later.

free download trial (485 Kb) :: order online ($19.00)

Search within an Email by Fast Email Searcher

Search Within an Email 1.3

To find email evidence the MailXaminer Software is proficient to search within an email. So it??ôs also known as the fast email searcher tool to search email by name and email applications like Exchange, Outlook etc which the users can search by name.

free download trial (14.3 Mb)

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