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Risk Management Application

Risk Radar 2012 1.0

Risk Radar 2012 a self-contained browser based application that facilitates proactive risk management and communication in a project environment.

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monitoring website status and performance

Radar Website Monitor

Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring tool, watching different protocols, including HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, FTP, TCP. It can log the server performance, generate real-time reports, and notify you upon detection of problem or error.

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Investing Radar Articles & Information | Mone

Investing Radar 1

Investing Radar Articles & Information | Money Investing | Investing News

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Detect and diagnose WiFi networks around you

AirGrab WiFi Radar 1.7.9

AirGrab WiFi Radar is a tool to display information about Apple Airport base stations and other WiFi wireless access points. Using AirGrab WiFi Radar you can determine most popular WiFi channels and select optimal channel for your.

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Radar simulation screensaver on your desktop!

Radar Screensaver 1.72

Radar Screensaver simulates a fabulous radar watching its airspace controlled area. You will be able to configure it many ways. It can track Santa Clause (!) from now and allows leaving messages while it is running when you are away from your PC.

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Drills on GROL, Radar & Ham Radio Exams

RadioTelephone Tutor 10.0DM

Takes the guesswork out of preparing for the FCC GROL, Radar & Ham Radio Exams. Drills on missed questions, till you know the answers backwards & forwards. Speeds up preparing for the exams. Easy to use. Creates practice tests.

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Feature-rich Weather Tracking Software

WeatherStudio 1.1

WeatherStudio combines a vast array of weather products valuable to storm chasers, meteorologists, mariners, first responders, and home users all on a hardware-accelerated, GIS enabled map.

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Free Poker Players History & Stat Search

Poker Sharks Radar

Poker Sharks Radar is the top totally free info software tool for Stepping Up your chances in winnings extra cash money in more on line texaspoker and other internet poker games.

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Find and Delete TRUE Duplicate files.

Duplicate Radar Personal Edition 4.20

Duplicate Radar - file management utility software to find & delete TRUE duplicate files. Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name. Supports Unicode file name & file size > 4GB. Files can be marked easily with built-in powerful marke

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Find the duplicate files rapidly. Freeware

Duplicate Radar Free Edition 2.60

Duplicate Radar helps you to find duplicate files rapidly. It fully support Unicode. Files can be marked easily with built-in powerful marker. It has ability to search files which size larger than 4GB due to true 64-bit addressing. This is freeware.

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