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Professional network analyzer.

AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer 1.2.12

AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer is a professional network analyzer (also known as protocol analyzer and packet sniffer), Network Packet Analyzer performs real-time packet capturing, network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing and much more.

free download (3.63 Mb)

The Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer

Wireshark 1.12.3

Wireshark is a powerful, cross-platform network protocol analyzer. Wireshark's powerful features make it the tool of choice for network troubleshooting, protocol development, and education worldwide.

free download (22.49 Mb)

HTTP sniffer, packet analyzer and rebuilder.

EffeTech HTTP Sniffer 4.1

A HTTP protocol network sniffer and HTTP packet analyzer. Unlike other sniffers, it is dedicated to capture HTTP packets, rebuild and save the HTTP communications and files sent through HTTP protocol. New version supports chunked or gzip mode.

free download trial (2.1 Mb) :: order online ($29.95)

Network Monitor Software Traffic Monitoring

Network Monitor

Network Monitor software data monitoring logging and analyzing tool. This network packet sniffer protocol analyzer data logger allows you to analyze network data in real time, log network data for later analyzing. Network traffic monitoring software

free download trial (8.25 Mb)

Professional USB Protocol Analyzer Software.

USBlyzer 2.0

USBlyzer is a Professional USB Protocol Analyzer software for Windows. It is capable of capturing, decoding and analyzing various class specific protocols i.e. HID, CDC used in the USB communication.

free download trial (3.86 Mb)

Connection-oriented sniffer and analyzer.

EtherDetect Packet Sniffer 1.41

EtherDetect is an easy to use and award-winning packet sniffer and network protocol analyzer, which provides a connection-oriented view for analyzing packets more effectively. With the handy tool, view connections, packets and data on the fly.

free download trial (1.25 Mb) :: order online ($69.95)

Expert Packets Sniffer and Protocol Analyzer

Colasoft Capsa - Expert Packet Sniffer 6.8

Colasoft Capsa is an easy-to-use network analyzer (aka. protocol analyzer & packet sniffer) that performs real-time packet capturing, 24/7 network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosing.

free download trial (9.22 Mb)

HTTP Protocol Traffic Analyzer SDK

HTTP Debugger SDK 1.0

HTTP Debugger SDK allows C++, Java, .NET, Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and other software developers to create their own HTTP protocol viewers and analyzers.

free download trial (1.65 Mb)

HTTP and HTTPS Analyzer for IEand Firefox

IE HTTP Analyzer 6.0.1

HTTP(s) Protocol Analyzer,integrates into the lower part of your IE and Firefox browser. It allows you to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It doesn't change your Windows system files and no device drivers or proxies have to be installed.

free download trial (4.79 Mb)

A professional USB protocol analyzer


USBTrace is an easy to use and powerful USB protocol analyzer for the USB bus and the devices connected to it. USBTrace can monitor USB transactions happening at USB host controllers, hubs and devices. USBTrace is a 100% software product.

free download trial (3.45 Mb)

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