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Compare Hotel Prices - Hotel Search Program.

Compare Hotel Prices 1.0

Compare Hotel Prices - This easy to use application will let you compare hotel rates from over 30 hotel booking websites at once. Don't waste your time, use Hotel Prices Compare and find the best deal for your hotel, compare them all at once.

free download (373 Kb)

Stair Lift Prices

Stair Lift Prices 1.1

Stair Lift Prices. Stair lifts are an essential item in your home if you have elderly or disabled person as they allows them to move freely around the house and staircases.

free download (375 Kb)

Gold/Silver/Platinum Prices on your Desktop

Metals Quoter 2.1

Gold/Silver/Platinum Prices on your Desktop. This desktop app will sit quietly on your screen and provide you with updated gold/silver/platinum prices.

free download (259 Kb)

Updated Gold and Silver Prices on your PC

GoldQuoter 2.1

Get updated Gold and Silver Prices on your PC.

free download (259 Kb)

Mac software Bundles

Software Bundles 5.0

Mac Game and Utility Bundles at the lowest prices we offer new bundles on a monthly basis at fixed prices as well as pay what you want bundles.

free download trial (542 Kb)

Save money by comparing fuel prices.

Bargain Price Refueling 1.0.13

Save money by comparing fuel prices and refueling always at the cheapest gas station. Therefore this program can collect the fuel prices of as many gas stations as possible. With many tips!

free download (3.22 Mb)

Have some fun by building this puzzle

Asx Share Prices 2

Have some fun by adding the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle based on the ASX Share Prices picture.

free download (313 Kb)

Ultimate Excel Stock Quotes Downloader

Ultimate Excel Stock Quotes Downloader 2.2

The free Ultimate Excel Stock Quotes Downloader provides intraday and end-of-day daily, historical, and dividend prices, with many other features and space for custom calculations.

free download (162 Kb)

Compare Prices for MMORPG virtual currency

MMORPG Virtual Currency Price Checker 1.0

MMOShift Virtual Currency Price Checker allows users to compare updated prices on the most popular virtual gold selling websites for Aion, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and Lineage II. We also compare prices for Game Time Cards and CD-Keys!

free download (680 Kb)

MyShoppingGenie Saves You Money!

Shopping Genie Classic

MyShoppingGenie is an innovative online shopping App that instantly finds the best deals and lowest prices on millions of products. It's fast, it's easy and best of all it's free!

free download (1.11 Mb)

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