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Free Google Pagerank Checker

Free Google Pagerank Checker

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free download (362 Kb)

Check PageRank of all your sites with a click

PaRaMeter 1.4

Google PageRank is one of the important ranking parameters. It shows how important the page is. With The PaRaMeter you can quickly check the PageRank of all your sites with just a single click, you don't need to open them in your browser one by one.

free download (1.37 Mb)

retrieve Google's PageRank value

ASP/PageRank 1.20

ASP/PageRank is a server side COM component that helps web developers to retrieve Google's PageRank value in a web application.

free download (520 Kb)

Professional Google Bulk PageRank Checker

#1 Bulk PageRank Checker 1.0

#1 Bulk PageRank Checker is a professional program for checking very large lists of URL's for Google PageRank. You can easily check more than 10,000 URL's without getting blocked. It offers two different sophisticated anonymization options.

free download trial (475 Kb)

View PageRanks in batch mode

PageRank Viewer for Mac 1.7.2

PageRank Viewer for Mac can display the Google pageranks of up to 30 websites a time.

free download trial (7.54 Mb)

Google's PageRank revealing utility

EXpress PageRank Revealer 1.0.3

Small freeware utility for revealing the value of Google's PageRank for specified website or webpage. XPRR allow you to see PR value of specified webpage without installing Google Toolbar (GoogleBar) and even without starting the Internet Explorer.

free download (303 Kb)

Multithreaded Alexa/PageRank Checker in C++.

DF Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker 2.05

Multithreaded Alexa & PageRank Checker in C++. Proxies can be used. Improved PageRank determining mode. Detecting PageRank from multiple datacenters: max, min, average and all values. Server and Windows versions. Sorting of URLs. API. Trial version.

free download (200 Kb)

Retrieve Google PageRank of multiple links.

Google PageRank Check Multiple Web Sites Software 7.0

Retrieve Google PageRank of multiple links. There is a feature to discover links inside a web page that also can be checked. Save results as text files.

free download trial (759 Kb)

Check multiple data centers for PageRank

SEOSmart Future PR 1.5

SEOSmart Future PR checks 94 Google data centers to obtain your Web site's Google PageRank with a single click. The new SEO tool is completely free, and returns all 94 results in seconds by querying several Google data centers at the same time.

free download (464 Kb)

Bulk Allintitle and Pagerank scraper

ILovePage1 1.1

iLovePage1 scrapes Allintitle results and average Pagerank of Google page #1 competitor sites for hundreds of keywords.

free download trial (9.04 Mb)

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