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Get treated by best IVF doctors in India

IVF Doctors in India

Medical Opinion has a panel of finest IVF doctors in India that helps in providing best possible and advanced medical opinion regarding various infertility treatments.

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Analyzes preference shares from survey data.

Option Impacts Analysis 1

It reveals from which other options each option draws its share of preference. Preference data from surveys may be option ratings, rankings, probabilities, or preference selections. The procedure is an Excel VBA program run within Microsoft Excel.

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Analyzes option evaluation and choice data.

Options Analysis 1.5

Analyzes option evaluation data obtained from survey ratings. It reveals how selection shares amongst options are influenced by differences between option evaluation distributions. The procedure is an Excel VBA program run within MS Excel.

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Analyzes primary components of option choices

Choice Components Analysis 1

Analyzes survey data on automatic selections, blocked choices and comparative evaluations across options and measures their respective contributions to option selection shares. The procedure is an Excel VBA program run within MS Excel.

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Best facilities for medical tourism in India

Medical tourism in India

Get the best medical treatment options for your illness in medical tourism in India. Medical Opinion is one of the finest medical tourism companies in India that provides world class medical tourism packages to patients at the best values.

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Easily create and monitor opinion polls.

Polls Producer 1.0

Polls Producer is a simple piece of software that you install on your web host. Not only are you able to create your polls but you also have the ability to easily monitor them from the interface which runs directly on your desktop.

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Vocoders Automatic Quality Checker

Sevana Vocoders Quality Checker 1.1

Sevana Vocoders Quality Checker is a simplified implementation of Sevana's solution for audio codecs quality analysis software.

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Email Analysis of Forensic Header Evidence

Analysis of Forensic Evidence 1.4

Email Analysis gets simplified with forensic email header analysis utility. Since the software is equipped with various features like analysis of forensic evidence, examination etc. The forensic analysis of email takes simplest form with MailXaminer.

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Analyse the data in your spreadsheets.

What-if Analysis Manager 2.1.0

What if Analysis Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Excel with which you can analyse the data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and intuitive manner.

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