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OCR Engine library

DTK OCR SDK 1.1.31

DTK OCR SDK for full page and zonal OCR. The DTK OCR SDK provide methods for integrating optical character recognition (OCR) technology into your applications.

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OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts.

PrecisionID OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts 3.0

The PrecisionID OCR Font Package contains two OCR fonts, OCR-A and OCR-B in TrueType and PostScript format. Both are ISO and ANSI size 1, 10CPI. These fonts also support OCR A1 and OCR B1 for Eurobanking.

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OCR Scanned PDF into editable electronic text


A-PDF OCR is a Efficient and time-saving OCR software for extracting of data from scanned PDF files and converting it into searchable and editable texts

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OCR PDF files to text fast and easily.


PDF OCR is based on OCR technology to convert scanned PDF paper books and documents into editable electronic text files fast and easily. PDF OCR has a build-in text editor which allows you to edit ocr result text without MS Word.

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Free OCR Scanned Image into editable text

Boxoft Free OCR (freeware) 1.0

Boxoft Free OCR is an 100% free Efficient and time-saving OCR software for extracting of data from scanned Image files and converting it into searchable and editable texts

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Effortless OCR with Syncfusion OCR in C#

Syncfusion OCR Alternatives 2023.4.13

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that enables machines to read and interpret text from images, making it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that deal with large amounts of scanned documents.

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OCR-A and OCR-B Font package.

IDAutomation OCR Font Advantage Package 14.07

IDAutomation's OCR-A and OCR-B fonts were created from the latest ANSI and ISO specifications and include the Euro symbol. TrueType, OpenType, PCL laserjet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included.

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The Best OCR for Chinese

Best OCR for Chinese 2023.5.35

Chinese is a complex and challenging language for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. However, there are several OCR software options available in the market that claim to offer accurate and reliable Chinese OCR capabilities.

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An easy and simple PC screen OCR application.

Easy Screen OCR 1.2.0

You can use Easy Screen OCR to capture a snapshot and start OCR process. this program will detect the text from the image and start OCR process immediately. You can extract the text to copy and paste in seconds.

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Streamline Text Extraction with AWS OCR

AWS OCR Alternatives 2023.4.13

With AWS OCR, you can extract text from various types of documents, including business cards, forms, and invoices, with a high degree of accuracy. The OCR technology used by AWS OCR is designed to recognize text in multiple languages.

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