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File manager for Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer

Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer

Manage files of your OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), using a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore, delete and create files on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, and so on, using a fast and straightforward program!

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BluetoothWorks Wizard

BluetoothWorks Wizard

BluetoothWorks Wizard allows you to detect all Bluetooth-enabled devices around your computer and discover all services that are offered by discovered Bluetooth devices. BluetoothWorks Wizard includes support for OBEX FTP File Transfer.

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Work with bluetooth from the command line

Bluetooth Command Line Tools

Bluetooth Command Line Tools are a set of command line utilities for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which allow you to configure bluetooth adapter, discover remote bluetooth devices and their services, push files to remote devices through OBEX.

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Easy to use mobile phone manager

WCL PhoneExplorer

The WCL PhoneExplorer has been designed to be extremely easy to use. The software allows the user to manage files on user's mobile phone, PDA or any other OBEX enabled device, connected through Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth File Transfer for Android

Bluetooth File Transfer 5.32

Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device, using File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP): you can also receive files and send contacts! BlueX OBEX

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Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) LITE

Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP LITE 1.35

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device (File Transfer Profile - OBEX FTP)!

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Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) for J2ME

Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME 1.10

Use your cell phone to manage files of any OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection.

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Bluetooth, IrDA and Serial communications

Wireless Communication Library MFC Edition

Wireless Communication Library MFC Edition brings you a full components set to build applications with Bluetooth, IrDA and Serial Ports support. In includes all your need for discover Bluetooth and IrDA devices and to build ProximityMarketing apps.

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Palm OS File Manager with Bluetooth support

Softick Commander 1.03

File manager for Palm OS, which supports file transfer over Bluetooth link, extending capabilities of Palm OS handheld. Now you can easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly

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